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Housing Bill Reclassifes Council Housing as Brown Land Fill Sites...?!!

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WyattParkPeople999 Thu 26-May-16 11:05:58

Hi everyone, if you don't do anything about this situation now there won't be any council housing left in the UK.

Many of us were shocked when we read the details for the housing bill they're trying to force through before the summer. Please acquaint yourselves with the facts. Read about it for yourselves.

In short Dodgy Dave wants 2 sell the UK off 2 his mates?! We must stop him pls sign petition 4ward & SHARE!: via @38_degrees

It needs 100,000 signatures, so please sign this petition to Stop the government in their tracks.

We are a non political organisation as the 3 lead parties are pretty much the same as our MP Chuka Umunna has so eloquently demonstrated on many, many occassions...

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