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giggly Thu 19-May-16 22:34:47

We are coming down from Scotland for a few days at Legoland and have 3_4 days before heading home. Had planned to visit Bath but wondered if it was worth visiting Weston-super-Mare for the kids to run about the beach. What's it like and any mn with local knowledge ?

SquidTableau Thu 19-May-16 23:04:52

It's a proper English beach with donkey rides and everything. Lots of chip shops, carousels and so on, lovely part of the country but no good for going in the sea as it's usually miles out through mud. Also known as Birmingham-on-sea. Bath is lovely but parking usually a nightmare and it's very busy at the moment with foreign tourists I find.

birchygoo Thu 19-May-16 23:07:39

I've only been once and I think I'll only ever be once - was not for me. I do live in Devon and much prefer the beaches here. However does depend what you are looking. There was a small amusement section, arcade and aquarium. For these it maybe worth the travel but not for the beach

giggly Fri 20-May-16 16:08:53

Thanks. Maybe not then. Any recommendations for somewhere further north on the route back to Scotland?

Natsku Fri 20-May-16 16:12:17

Used to live near there - we called it Weston-Super-Mud grin

Pootles2010 Fri 20-May-16 16:19:10

Which way will you be going - East or West? We live in Yorkshire so can help with Yorks coast, or Northumberland but obvs thats more your neck of the woods.

mouldycheesefan Wed 01-Jun-16 21:23:16

It is unfortunately a bit of a dump. There is a pier with slot machines. The beach is largely mud. The town is run down largely. There are much nicer places to go. I would stop somewhere between legoland and home, as Scotland to legoland to bath and back is one hell of a journey. Northumberland has beautiful beaches.

Simon1973 Sat 10-Sep-16 22:12:55

Utter rubbish , the place is vibrant and active , the beach has acres of sand, you have to walk five minutes out before you reach the mud, the sea goes a long way out hence seeing the mud.
The town is undergoing a multi million pound make over currently, new shops, bistros, cafes are opening up.
It's not a dump, it's a typical uk sea side that is now taking a turn for the good.

It is what it is, but it cannot be compared with Cornwall unfortunately but it's hardly a dump

Ferguson Mon 12-Sep-16 20:53:49

If you have time, Cheddar Gorge is only a few miles from Weston, and is a spectacular place to visit; probably coach trips there from Weston, so saving more driving:

Hockeydude Mon 12-Sep-16 20:58:45

I have a friend who grew up there and hates the place. She won't go back there as she says it's grim. (Not my opinion, I haven't been there!)

Simon1973 Mon 12-Sep-16 21:37:03

Problem is people talk of weston in the past and nit today and looking forward, such is life

Simon1973 Mon 12-Sep-16 21:40:33

Problem is people talk of weston in the past and nit today and looking forward, such is life

blankpieceofpaper Mon 12-Sep-16 21:54:07

I work there...

Um, try it if you wish to...

If I were you I would go to Brean sands (right at the end past the holiday camp bit) there is a much nicer beach there than the main weston one - you can park on the beach, walk out along the headland, it's nice. There, or Sand Bay. Or Burham.

Or go up the coast to Clevedon/Portishead where I grew up. Clevedon ha s a beautiful pier and promenade, Portishead has the lake grounds and an outdoor swimming pool (which may still be open at this point in the season)

If you are in the Bath area (where I used to work) try a place called Claverton Weir which is good for paddling, but might be a bit too cold now. Obviously there are other things such as the Roman Baths, wandering through the shops, the museums etc.

Or come into Bristol -- where I live! There are fountains and things in the centre the children can play in, lots of parks and you can go on boat tours round the docks/ go round the SS Great Britain etc.

If you want to go a bit further afield try going across the Severn into South Wales/ Wye valley - does not take that long to get to. There are castles, a beautiful river, boating, steam engines, Puzzlewood, Clearwell Caves - all sorts!

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