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Moonfleet Manor - Anyone been ?

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Wheelybug Sun 14-Jan-07 18:34:04

What did you think please ?

Thinking of going MOn - Fri in March.

Thank you.

Wheelybug Sun 14-Jan-07 19:44:51


bluesky Mon 15-Jan-07 13:25:23

To be honest I thought it was a bit tired.

We were woken up early each morning by the security guard doing his rounds on the creaky floorboards and fire doors.

The food was lovely, but a bit samey after 5-7 days.

Pool area wasn't very nice.

It is expensive, so if you are willing to spend that amount of money, I would perhaps look at some other places. Woolley is much better. Calcot always comes out well in the reviews.

Wheelybug Mon 15-Jan-07 14:16:03

ooh thnaks bluesky - when did you go ?

bluesky Mon 15-Jan-07 17:13:24

ooh, 2yrs ago, so they may have had a refurbishment. If you do a search on here, Moonfleet has been talked about several times, and the state of it has been mentioned quite alot. Not just me!

Did you need Moonfleet because of the area? How old are your children?

Wheelybug Mon 15-Jan-07 17:44:30

thanks bluesky. We wanted somewhere no more than about 3 hours drive from London (south west london) - dd is 2 next week. TBH I picked that one from the group because it was the cheapest of the 3 that wasn't cornwall (too far and we went to cornwall in Sept).

I had a quick look at Calcot which looks fab but I was put off by the fact the family rooms are in a separate building to the hotel (and the restaurant when we're not in the room and dd is).

Wheelybug Mon 15-Jan-07 17:45:19

BTW I wasn't doubting you on the state of the hotel ! Its useful to have that sort of info.

DarrellRivers Mon 15-Jan-07 17:56:19

Not sure about Moonfleet but we went to Woolley Grange 18 months ago, and frankly for the amount you paid it was a little disappointing.
I think the chain are resting on their laurels slightly and although some aspects of their customer care is good, relaxed atmosphere, pets wandering around, children's dining room, the actual 'service ' per se was poor , plus Dh and I got horrible vomiting bug 12 hours after leaving which they were most unsympathetic about, ie you should get a Doctor's note if you want us to take this seriously (we are DRs FFS).Swimming pool is outdoors as well
I should have taken it further but I was heavily pregnant with DC2 and trying to avoid inflammatory situations.
Someone from our NCT group went to Moonfleet 2 years ago, and I again think she found that the staff were not very available or helpful
Hope you have fun wherever you go.
We went to Ickworth 3 years ago and stayed in the self catering block but DD was only 5 months I think, and not eating.That was lovely, with indoor swimming ppool

bluesky Thu 18-Jan-07 09:37:14

ickworth have a really good offer at the mo, if you do 2 nights or more, Mon-Thurs between 14 Jan-22 March (not 9-16 feb, half term)

£199 per room per night, to include dinner, breakfast and one treatment to the value of £35 in the retreat.

boo64 Thu 18-Jan-07 20:55:05

Ickworth is talked about elsewhere if you search.

We went in November - it was ok but service poor and haphazard and the bed was so uncomfortable!! The grounds are truly beautiful, as is the building. Creche excellent. Food pretty poor, especially for the money.

Calcot is better - yes the rooms are in another building but it is very close and they still have baby listening. The food is very good, creche excellent, service good. Family rooms are ok but not amazing.

Babington House - best of all! But i won't launch into another of my I love Babington posts!!

Wheelybug Thu 18-Jan-07 20:57:15

Thanks for teh latest input ! That offer does sound tempting... but, I think we've decided to change idea and go to a cottage. We've found some lovely looking ones in Devon with indoor pool, animals (for dd) and freshly baked croissants delivered to door inmorning !!

boo64 Thu 18-Jan-07 20:58:40

p.s. actually if the rate is as discounted as that Ickworth is ok really(the same deal was on in Nov) - I would be livid if I had paid full price though.

Top tip - they didn't charge any extra for the suite on that offer (I think there is only the one) so ask for it if it isn't booked and then your dc can sleep in the living room and you'll all have more space. we weren't upgraded, it was actually pre-booked. I have no idea why they don't charge extra for it as they normally do but I wasn't complaining!

boo64 Fri 19-Jan-07 19:54:59

They aren't by chance Gitcombe? My SIL went and it was fab.

If not let me know the name of them so I can keep them in mind in future

Wheelybug Fri 19-Jan-07 20:01:43

No, I did look at Gitcombe but can't remember why I discounted it !

Here = granary cottages

hertsnessex Fri 19-Jan-07 20:15:54

we went to woolley and loved it.

also went to glyn barton cottages in cornwall, also v fab.


2boysmacca Fri 19-Jan-07 20:27:02

We've done Moonfleet Manor and Ickowrth. Loved them both. Both very different but share amazing food. When I was 8 months pregnat we went to Cowley Manor. Absolutely superb. Really home cooking at it's best and extremely luxurious. Very very child friendly from what I remember as lots of young families but obviously being pregnant can't comment too much.

bluesky Sat 20-Jan-07 14:20:33

We went to Gitcombe, great to have the tennis court and indoor pool, its hidden away down very narrow lanes, but we did manage to walk to a pub for lunch.

But it was very expensive and very dirty. I was really disappointed, cobwebs, dust and a grimy kitchen.

zakira Thu 02-Aug-07 21:58:05

Just been to moonfleet & overall hotel was good but to overpriced for what it was & we were charged £7 or £10 for kids teas that we ordered off a menu with prices, so instead of paying £2.50 as shown for two boiled egg & soldiers I was charged £7 - not stated on menu that you were charged a set rate for tea ( tea was served for 1 hr only & if you don't eat meat meant pasta in sauce every day not my children's idea of fun ) & so why show seperate prices - that plus other billing issues made it silly & very annoying - spoilt the whole experience. Pool area not clean & bear den while lovely staff had no windows other than onto indoor pool - bit off putting. would not go again or recommend as this is taking advantage of fussy eaters very normal for 3yr olds. Also we thought it had access to beach - no you have to drive & chesil beach not buckets & spade beach really.

EmsMum Thu 02-Aug-07 22:18:31

Went to Moonfleet about 6 years back when DD was 2. She loved the big sandpit, I liked the adult food but didn't think much of the kids teatime. Wouldn't recommend. Have stayed in 'normal' hotels in Cornwall and Minehead which are more genuinely child-friendly ... the sort of places where child just comes to dinner with you and can order what they want off childs menu or anything that can be constructed off whats available for adults. (e.g. melon balls followed by beans on toast followed by full cheeseboard with stilton...much better than soggy pasta)And nice old ladies cooing over DD instead of frankly too many OPK (though they were all very nice OPK at moonfleet).

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