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Nice pub recommendation south of London

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LaCerbiatta Fri 13-May-16 12:11:57

We're visiting the Darwin house and would like to go for a nice pub lunch on father's day. We'll be travelling from cambridge on the m25 so anywhere around that area, preferably inside the m25 would be great. Thank you!

LaCerbiatta Fri 13-May-16 12:14:46

Sorry, that was probably a bit vague. Darwin house is here:

LaCerbiatta Sat 14-May-16 20:42:01


ParakeetsInTheGarden Sat 14-May-16 20:51:24

There are some good pubs in Knockholt but I can't remember names - but maybe worth looking into. The Fox in Keston is nice, and child friendly. I like the Bo Peep in Chelsfield, but I think my children are too little for it at the moment (oldest is 5), but if your children are older might be suitable.

LaCerbiatta Sun 15-May-16 07:29:07

Thanks smile

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