Great Yarmouth...what to do?

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hels71 Thu 12-May-16 14:51:01

Hi, We are staying near Great Yarmouth at half term and wondered what people would recommend for us to do? Looking online there is so much choice I am overwhelmed so I wondered what people have done and found was good? We have DD aged 8. She particularly loves history.....and good playgrounds.....(and ice cream!!!)

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fishesgirl Sun 15-May-16 19:20:50

I'm embarrassed to admit that despite having lived there for 7 years I haven't ventured into any of the museums but Time and Tide / Nelson Museum / Elizabethan House come recommended. Norwich Castle has a How to Train Your Dragon exhibition on at the moment which our 7&2 year olds enjoyed (finishes at the end of the month I think although castle is worth a visit anyway).
Best playground is Bewilderwood at Horning, near Wroxham. There's a trampoline park recently opened in Yarmouth (Jump Warehouse).
Other places we like to visit include Thrigby Hall near Filby which is a small zoo, Africa Alive in Kessingland, south of Lowestoft which is a larger zoo, Pettits in Reedham which is part zoo / part amusement park / playground although might be a bit limiting for an 8 year old. If the weather is good then Fritton Lake is lovely - has a good playground and all sorts of activities however it's expensive to park there and most things cost more on top. There's Caldecott Redwings horse sanctuary opposite which is a nice place to spend a couple of hours (for free) if you like horses and donkeys. If the weather is good, Gorleston beach takes some beating (think it's one of TripAdvisors top UK beaches) - there's a playground / trim trail on top of the cliff, a sandy, usually quiet beach and lots of cafes (that sell ice cream!).

hels71 Sun 15-May-16 21:46:28

Thanks! That's very helpful!

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