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ukgirlatheart Wed 11-May-16 11:27:16

We are coming to an event at the Arena in June and need a hotel. Wont have a car so need either a hotel which is walking distance or easy in a taxi.

Also which train station would you come in at Central or Queens????

NannyPhlegm Wed 11-May-16 12:49:12

Unfortunately there are no hotels at walking distance from the Ice Arena. The closest is on the other side of the bridge, in Cardiff Bay. But it is a very easy taxi ride away (5ish minutes tops). Threre's Travelodge and Future Inn near the Red Dragon Centre, and if you want to go a bit more upmarket there's St David's Hotel (5*)

You may be able to find some AirBnB apartments closer to the Ice Arena, might be worth a try?

And you'd get down at Cardiff Central Station. There's a taxi rank right outside and Cardiff Bay is minutes away.

ukgirlatheart Wed 11-May-16 13:18:30

Ah that's just the info I needed.

Only need a bed for the night so may look at the travel lodge.

Is the Ice Arena the same a the Motopoint Arena?

ukgirlatheart Wed 11-May-16 13:22:44

Future Inn looks ideal - is it ok?

NannyPhlegm Thu 12-May-16 10:05:58

Back again!!
Motorpoint Arena is not the same as the Ice Arena......Motorpoint Arena is bang in the middle of town and it's where most of the concerts take place. Ice Arena is in the other side of the city, in the International Sports Village. What are you coming to see?

NancyJoan Thu 12-May-16 10:08:46

Friends stayed in the Future Inn last year, was fine. Is five mins walk form Mermaid Quay, which has Carluccio's, Bill's, Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express, Wagamama, Nandos and so on, so good for dinner, or avoiding expensive hotel breakfasts.

ukgirlatheart Thu 12-May-16 10:34:47

It's an ice hockey event. Ah Quay sounds ideal as we will need evening dinner. Breakfast is £9.50 per person in the hotel [shocked]

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