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Logistics of baby at a friend's wedding dilemma...

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KoolDog Tue 10-May-16 16:33:19


A friend's wedding is coming up and I'm concerned about the logistics of coping with a young baby (I'm 37 weeks pregnant now). This is the situation:

1) The wedding is 2.5 hours' drive away
2) The wedding will start at 1pm and go on until late
3) There's no accommodation at the venue - so I can't have the baby in a separate room and have the monitor on
4) My baby will be 3.5 months old

So... How long is a reasonable amount of time for a baby to be in a car? How hard is it to look after a baby for 10 hours outside of your home and without any facilities? How would a baby cope with that kind of environment (I'm presuming that we'd have a B&B nearby and possibly go back for naps)?

My gut instinct is that is sounds impossible but perhaps I'm overreacting?!


HonniBee Tue 10-May-16 16:40:51

Don't know the answer but interested in the replies as I'm doing a very similar thing, but the wedding I'm attending is in the middle of London!
So far I have booked a hotel which is as close to the venue as I could afford (10 min walk). Haven't gotten any further with how it will actually work, but like you I am presuming I will spend some of the day in the hotel room for naps and down time whilst the party is happening.

The couple are very accommodating, and I think there are 2 other babies attending. They did offer baby sitter at their home (also near the venue) but I can't see myself taking them up on that! Is your friend close enough to discuss your concerns with?

Re transport: 'm still unsure whether driving or train would be easier with baby? Is train an option for you?

FuzzyOwl Tue 10-May-16 16:44:15

Can you take a pram that is easily collapsible for the baby to nap in beside you when necessary?

I suspect it will all depend on your baby's individual temperament. My DD would have happily slept in a pram, sling or arms at that age when she needed a nap and it would have all been fine. Other parents I have spoken to really struggled to get their babies to nap, whether they were at home or not.

soapboxqueen Tue 10-May-16 16:46:18

Being in the car isn't an issue. They'll just go to sleep. Take a pram with you so the baby has somewhere to sleep, they'll sleep when they want so no point going anywhere for a set nap time. Also it means if they are grouchy somebody can take them for a walk.

If you bf make sure you've got an outfit that will make this easy. If you ff get some of the ready mixed bottles so you can just use them without any mixing etc.

If they plan on having a disco, I probably wouldn't have the baby in there for too long as it may be a bit much.

murphyslaws Tue 10-May-16 16:49:13

Be prepared

Lots of food (express)
Lots of nappies

Lots of changes of clothes
Comfy pram to sleep

Possible but stressful

Mine was 4 weeks old I lasted an hour at the reception it was too loud

MunchyMunchkin Tue 10-May-16 16:49:50

Really easy at that age especially if you're breastfeeding. 2.5hrs in the car is fine, they will probably sleep the whole way. Take the pushchair and a sling and you're sorted.
I took dd to a wedding at 4 months and she was up with me until 11. She was still feeding/napping every two hours so just carried on as normal. Spent some time in the buggy and the later part of the evening in the sling. Plus she loved getting fuss from all the other guests. I bf her in the church and at the wedding, just wear a dress with boob access!

JassyRadlett Tue 10-May-16 16:58:32

I think that age is probably the easiest - the early days are out of the way but they're not demanding as much attention as an older baby.

2.5 hours is fine, and with luck the baby will nap in a sling or the pram. Definitely take the pram, not just the car seat, so the baby isn't curled up too long.

I agree breastfeeding would be simpler but FF pretty straightforward.

If your baby is anything like either of mine they'll breeze through it, enjoying the attention and the people watching.

RapidlyOscillating Tue 10-May-16 17:00:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frillyfairylights Tue 10-May-16 17:02:26

I went to a wedding by myself when ds was 4 months old. He had two sleeps of about an hour to an hour and a half in my wonderful stretchy wrap sling. Other than that, he was passed around between his legions of adoring fans and occasionally came back for some milk (breastfeeding friendly outfit essential if bf, I did skirt and two vests layered up, with a pretty cardi on top). Took pram to carry bags and sling etc when not needed and shoved it in the corner out of the way.

We stayed all afternoon and had a lovely time catching up with everyone. Left around 7 to go home so unfortunately we missed the evening bit but I didn't want to push it as ds had been amazing, and he was getting tired. Bride said he was the best behaved guest at the wedding!

Also yes took 2 spare outfits for ds and a spare top for me, just in case! Didn't need any of them which was nice.

My main recommendation would be, get a good sling - go to your local sling library now if you can, they will give you great advice! Stretchy ones are so lovely for the early days, like giving a hug all day long without the tired arms! Try to avoid high street carriers like the ones from mothercare or baby Bjorn, they can get uncomfy very quickly whereas I can still wear my one year old for an hour or two on front when needed, and he's pretty chunky!

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