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what to wear swimming

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FirstTimeMummy25 Thu 05-May-16 18:01:57

We are off on a good ol' English holiday to Cornwall at the end of June and hoping to take our DS swimming for the first time! He will be 16 weeks old when we go and I'm stuck what to buy him to wear? I'm gathering he will get cold so is there something I can buy to keep him warm? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question (first time mum).

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Fri 06-May-16 08:06:01

In a pool I assume? We use Happy Nappy swimming trunks with a swim nappy underneath.

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Fri 06-May-16 08:08:02

Oh, and you can get vests made of wetsuit material that wrap around the baby on top. Some people use sun suits for warmth but it made DS feel colder once he was wet.

mummymeister Fri 06-May-16 22:43:48

the sea will be freezing still in June. hope you mean an indoor pool for his sake bless him.

FirstTimeMummy25 Sat 07-May-16 02:34:00

I will have a look at those thank you, and yes an indoor poolsmile x

noramum Mon 09-May-16 12:11:37

We had the Happy Nappy wrap at that age, like this

I found it easy to get a wiggly baby in and out. DD loved it and stayed in the pool despite ME freezing.

FirstTimeMummy25 Mon 09-May-16 15:39:47

Thanks Nora, think that's the one I'm gunna go with as had a few recommendations of that now x

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