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peak district hotels

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Chippychop Tue 26-Apr-16 10:46:35

My 2 friends and I want to go walking in Peak District 7/ 8 May and need accommodation for 1 night triple room if poss. Any recommendations on where to walk and where to stay? Thx !

BackforGood Tue 26-Apr-16 23:11:59

Youth Hostels would be where I'd start looking (although you aren't giving a lot of notice)

pennygoodlife Wed 27-Apr-16 21:31:43

I know not much notice! Decided t go for two nights. We were thinking pubs rather than hostels - nothing to do with the wine on tap!

DigestiveBiscuit Fri 06-May-16 19:03:52

The Fox, near Castleton

DigestiveBiscuit Sat 07-May-16 18:24:40

Sorry, should be The Fox House near Hathersage!

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