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Anyone know Gravesend?

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car1sberg Fri 22-Apr-16 07:45:49

Today 07:43 car1sberg

After some help please from any Gravesend Mums, or anyone who knows the area!

I'm planning a surprise birthday party for a friend in the summer, she lives there but I obviously can't ask her advice! So I'm looking for a family friendly venue, I was thinking maybe a pub/restaurant with outdoor play area? A very rough estimate - there will be around 40 adults plus 20 kids from tiny babies up to teens! Does anyone have any ideas where would be a good place? Having a place for the kids to play is crucial. It doesn't have to be central Gravesend, a few miles out would also be fine.

Any ideas much appreciated! Thank you. X

Kentdad1 Mon 25-Apr-16 00:00:42

Hi I've grown up and lived in gravesend all my life. The promenade which runs alongside the river is an enormous space for kids and grown ups to enjoy, different parks and a history of when it was a war scene. Space for picnics and football etc. The cafe serves all kinds of sweet and savory delights. As for the adults, it's an alcohol control zone, meaning you can have picnic with wine and beer etc, but not be a drunk with a paper bag lol! Me and my boys enjoy this space every week, for years! If you all ok to drive out about seven miles then the white swan pub in Ash, in the summer has two parks and two bouncy castles on site! If you know a more specific area then I might be able to help further. Ps: did you also know gravesend is the burial site of Pocahontas? And its borough market dates back to 1286!?!

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