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Cornwall- Penzance or St Ives area

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WeLoveHaribo Wed 13-Apr-16 11:22:36

Looking for a holiday village- Caravan, Chalet or Lodge in Cornwall. Where would you recommend or avoid!!!

mummymeister Wed 13-Apr-16 12:55:30

if you are looking for May half term then beggars cant be choosers and I would just go for something decent anywhere. if you are looking in school summer hols then we prefer the south coast of cornwall around Looe. its easier to get there on the a38 as it avoids the a30 car park plus its always a bit quieter than the north coast. you can get to most places in cornwall and devon. when we go we stay HERE we prefer this area because there is lots to do, some good beaches etc.

personally I don't like St Ives, padstow or Newquay. the first two because they are difficult to park and usually rammed and Newquay because it is full of drunken teenagers.

if you do find somewhere make absolutely certain it has dedicated parking near or next to it. many places don't and parking in cornwall is both at a premium and expensive. we always book direct with the owners as it is cheaper than going through agencies.

WeLoveHaribo Wed 13-Apr-16 13:25:59

Its in August summer holidays.
We've found a site in St ives with parking and our days out will be free/reduced parking with NT.
Def avoiding Newquay.
Looked at around Looe, so thats an area to keep in mind..

mummymeister Wed 13-Apr-16 13:49:06

if you do decide on the st ives place then I would avoid travelling on Saturday if at all possible. you will hit the traffic where the motorway ends and joins the a30 and it could easily take you 3 or 4 hours from there to get to st ives. I think there are still roadworks on the a30 as well so worth checking out.

ukgirlatheart Wed 13-Apr-16 22:17:30

I must be the only person who thought St Ives was over rated crowded and boring!!!

mummymeister Thu 14-Apr-16 10:45:45

me too ukgirlatheart. don't like Newquay, Padstow or st ives.

Pinkheart5915 Thu 14-Apr-16 10:50:51

I loved st Ives, before ds was here we took my nephew to a caravan for a weekend last year we stayed in a site called Ayr holiday park and I can't recommend it highly enough. It was only a few minutes walk in to the centre of st Ives so no problems with parking as we could walk.

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