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2 mums 4 kids Newquay? or other ideas

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Mumoftheark Wed 06-Apr-16 09:51:51

Hiya, my friend and I have decided we need a little break, leave the men at home just us ...... Oh and 4 kids.
We were thinking Newquay, mainly because Iv been lots and knew it. However Iv never been with children are there lots of things to do to keep them occupied?
Childrens ages will be 4, 2 1/2, 20 months & 6 months.
Going end of May for maybe 4 days.

Need self catering accommodation and above all it needs to be CHEAP!

We are after a simple break, lots of fresh air and outside time. Happy to spend the days going to walks and playing on the beach (if is not raining) so need somewhere with a plan B.

Anyone got any ideas?
Newquay or otherwise in the UK.

Thanks you xx

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