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has anyone booked the London eye or the Dungeons using the Kelloggs promotion?

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ssd Wed 30-Mar-16 08:11:48

could I ask some advice if you have?

I've booked the dungeons at 1pm, do we need to get there early to wait in a queue or do we walk straight in as its already booked and paid for?

also we'd like to do the London Eye afterwards, how long should we give a visit to the dungeons and getting to the Eye? so if the dungeons are booked for 1, when do you recommend booking the eye, no young kids to hold us up...we want to go from the dungeons to the eye, bar maybe a loo break and coffee break.....

also if we book the Eye online using the Kelloggs offer again, do we wait in a queue or do we get a time to visit (I haven't booked it yet as I need another code so don't know if we need to choose a time or just a day yet)

thanks so much, there is a FAQ on the Kelloggs page but I cant find these answers!

ssd Wed 30-Mar-16 19:39:19

no one then?

I booked the London Eye for 4pm, hope it all works out.

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