Anyone been to elvedon centre parcs recently?

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Purplerainbow2 Tue 29-Mar-16 16:19:30

Going to elvedon this weekend but we normally do mon to Friday and book early arrival, get there at 2 and go straight to the villa. Have just gone on and it's £70 for early arrival!! It says on the website there will be queues from 230pm (you have access from 3pm to villa) I just wondered if anyone has been recently and what the queues were like? Ds1 has asd and not good in queues and has anxiety and not good when he doesn't know what is happening. We have to stick to our usual routine because of ds1 and go swimming tea time so I don't want to just wander around aimlessly clock watching to get in villa. At the same time I don't want to arrive in the car for 3 as Iv done that before and queue was ridiculous and as its only fri to mon don't want to arrive at tea time.

Also wondered how busy the pool is at 10am on the Mondays?

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