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Mother and Mother In law

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ceeburke Tue 15-Mar-16 19:57:02

Due to have baby soon but wanted my mom to look after me after the birth till 6 months and since my hubby works abroad and will join me finally in August 2017, I wanted his mum to look after the baby due to going back to work. His mom has been a nanny for 30 years so have the experience. My mom is against it saying she wants to look after baby herself but mom and dad are sharing a single room and am building an apartment for them to move in soon. My mom also has a shop but my mother in law heads a nursery now. How do I convince my mom is for the best interest of the child. My mother in-law have asked inform my mom she is welcome anytime to sèe the child or take him for weekend but mom is still not happy and stressing me out

Gazelda Tue 15-Mar-16 20:02:05

I'm not clear. Are your parents staying at your home at the moment, in a single room? Where does your DM think she will look after the baby?

If you are happy to have either DM or DMIL look after the baby while you work, is there a way they can share the time?

It sounds a bit territorial to me.

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