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Chichester on a low budget!

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fuzzpig Mon 07-Mar-16 16:54:17

We have a few days at the Haven place in Pagham next week. We'll be mostly hanging around on site but would have a day or two in the city and maybe the south downs planetarium thing. Any recommendations for places to eat etc would be great and any must see places? Also if there are any geeky comic book/games type shops...

Thank you in advance smile thanks

user1456943874 Sat 12-Mar-16 13:19:56

Hi! This is my local town smile.
A good and affordable place to eat in the town centre is Belle Isle (off West Street). We regularly go there. Its a mix of Mexican/deep south/American type food, but really good prices, and good with families.
There are also all the usual places..Pizza Express, ZiZi's, Wagamamas, Bill's.
The Novium is a free museum (although I haven't been yet so not sure what it is like). Focusses a lot on the local Roman History I believe.
Priory Park is lovely to go with the kids to let them have a run around (if yours are little?) and has a good play park.
And I believe I saw a new comic book/warhammer type shop which has opened on North Street. I think it might be this place: The town centre is split into 4 streets, with an old Cross Monument in the Middle, so there is a North, South, East and West Street!

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