Loch Lomond

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Onlyconnect Sun 06-Mar-16 11:40:50

We're thinking of going for a week in a cottage with our two children aged 11 and very nearly 3 in late July or August. We would like to go by train, travelling to Arrochar and Tarbet and renting somewhere very near there. I'd be interested in any comments about the area for a holiday with children in general and comments on what it's be like without a car. The option is there for us to take the car if we need one.

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originalmavis Sun 06-Mar-16 11:44:08

There's a lovely part of the West highland way that goes along one side. Buses are fine and you can get about easily enough. Because of all the rbkers, there are good pubs, cafes and grocery stores all along. Watch put for the midges though!

I hear they are going to start mining for gold up there!

MrsJayy Sun 06-Mar-16 11:45:18

Take the car if you can its lovely but pretty isolated there will be buses there is nothing in Arrochar Loch Lomond is an outside holiday so walking and whatnot

originalmavis Sun 06-Mar-16 11:48:02

There are hills, and forests, paths, roads, teach, trees, old railway tracks, err some standing stones. Yes it's very outdoorsy! We managed with the buses and escaped down to milngavie to catch trains (and borrow books from the platform library).

MrsJayy Sun 06-Mar-16 11:48:09

The gold mining has started apparently . Helensburgh is nice we usually go to the balmaha side

sayatidaknama Sun 06-Mar-16 11:52:31

If you go by train can you hire a car? I've done it lots of times from Glasgow then it's only a short drive. I think it'll be easier with a car.

expatinscotland Sun 06-Mar-16 11:54:14

I'd take the car, tbh. I'm a hillwalker/walker and walk there loads in Spring and it's best accessed by car.

RakeMeHomeCountryToads Sun 06-Mar-16 11:57:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

expatinscotland Sun 06-Mar-16 12:45:36

I love Arrochar/Tarbet, but there really is very little there and if you have an off day there's more going on a bit further down. Even perhaps Luss as you can get down into Dumbarton if need be.

Branleuse Sun 06-Mar-16 12:55:31

take strong midge repellent and make sure you are inside the house before dusk. I would take a car if possible so you can get to towns or wherever there are things to do if it pisses with rain which it may well do. Ive had entire trips ruined by swarms of midges in this area. They are ferocious and loch lomond is one of the worst areas for them, and august one of the worst months.

It is an amazingly beautiful area though. I absolutely love it. I would be tempted to stay somewhere away from the loch though, and away from water, and just visit there in the middle of the day

Onlyconnect Mon 07-Mar-16 11:52:32

Thank you everyone. I'll take the advice about the car. Do midges come out during the day? That would really put me off. I can't imagine my toddler coping with them!

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MrsJayy Mon 07-Mar-16 12:41:23

Yeah they do but worse at dusk they are fierce buggers im allergic to their bites

RakeMeHomeCountryToads Mon 07-Mar-16 14:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

originalmavis Mon 07-Mar-16 15:46:51

Or get a disposable Barbecue and eat al fresco lochside! The don't like the smoke.

expatinscotland Mon 07-Mar-16 15:52:24

I prefer Spring and Autumn to walk here, tbh. No midgies. We've had a cracking few days. Cold but dry and bright. DH and I just did a 5 mile hike. Lovely and midgie free.

Borderterrierpuppy Mon 07-Mar-16 15:56:48

Please don't worry about the midges, I have lived in Scotland for 22 yrs, spent loads of time outside on west coast and never been plagued.

expatinscotland Mon 07-Mar-16 16:00:32

I have been horribly plagued sad. They have made even going outside in a beer garden hell for me in Summer. I've been in Argyll for nearly 9 years now. They don't bother my H at all, but they swarm all over me.

originalmavis Mon 07-Mar-16 16:01:00

True. Sometime they come out and sometimes they don't. You can usually spot a swarm of the buggers!

Does Avon still sell that moisturiser ('skin so soft' or something like that). Everyone seems to use it when we go home!

expatinscotland Mon 07-Mar-16 16:04:17

Jungle. Jungle spray is the only thing that works for me. The Skin So Soft, they still swarm me and just land in the greasy Skin So Soft. Does FA.

MrsJayy Mon 07-Mar-16 16:14:30

Yeah they go straight for me to i have ended up at ooh drs because of a weekend away i was bitten everywhere i was on piriton and painkillers for 4 days we never go in August/september now

MrsJayy Mon 07-Mar-16 16:16:09

Oh god how dramatic do I sound i dont want the op to cancel her holiday blush

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 07-Mar-16 16:19:01

They don't bite me, but they do swarm around which is still not great.
I used to live in Tarbet and they were pretty hideous Tbh.
Anyway, it's a gorgeous area, but I do think better with a car, I don't have one but I'm in Helensburgh now so fine without.
Helensburgh good to visit btw, great ice cream, fish and chips and do check out listings for the tower, nice restaurants too.

originalmavis Mon 07-Mar-16 16:19:29

You must be a very tasty wee doll!

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 07-Mar-16 16:20:46

And yes, skin so soft is greasy shit, doesn't do a bloody thing.

expatinscotland Mon 07-Mar-16 16:24:51

MrsJ, I keep Piriton and prescribed cream to hand during midgie season. Am also allergic to their bites. I use Jungle spray and keep a can in the car, in my bag, in our picnic hamper, in my rucksack. In fact, I'm going to Wilko's tomorrow to pick up my annual 6 pack of cans of Jungle to see me through.

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