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Family and Friends Railcard

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KathyBeale Fri 04-Mar-16 10:22:56

My son is supposed to be going to football with his dad tomorrow and some others. They've booked train tickets with our family railcard (months ago). Now my son's ill. He might be better tomorrow but he's pretty poorly so I doubt he'll be okay to travel.

I know that in theory, my husband and his mates should all buy new tickets for their journey tomorrow. At the moment the cheapest tickets are £80 each and it seems really unfair that they'll have to fork out again just because my son's sick.

Do you reckon they could get away with saying he's in the loo when they get their tickets checked? They've paid for his ticket, he'll have a seat that he's not sitting in, he just won't actually be there....

namechangedtoday15 Sun 06-Mar-16 13:07:29

I think things like that are at the conductors discretion. I wouldn't lie, I'd just explain the situation if asked. If he has to buy another ticket, then it's harsh but they're entitled to ask him to.

FWIW I travelled with DD last weekend on discounted tickets booked weeks ago (before we were burgled). Never realised that F&F card had been taken until the night before we were due to travel. Got to station, man at desk said I either had to buy a new railcard or buy new tickets at £200. Didnt want to do either. Phoned the railcard helpline, they sent me an email saying i had a valid railcard & a replacement was in the post but conductor could still charge me if he wanted to as i wasnt physically in possession of a valid railcard as required by the rules. Conductor never came to check tickets on outward journey, on the way back when conductor did check, I explained and he was fine.

So give the helpline a ring and see what they suggest.

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