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Weekend roughly an hour from coventry

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DeliveredByKiki Mon 29-Feb-16 07:29:59

Trying to sort a weekend getaway with my FiL and partner and my SiL, husband and DC (and my DH and our DC) in July - we did an Airbnb in Bakewell a few years ago

Any suggestions for somewhere 1-1.5hrs drive from Coventry? Some countryside rambling, a good tea shop and pub or two and some kind of wet weather museum for kids or something would be handy

We live in the US now so quintessentially English is always welcome! Anywhere around Oxford or on the way to the Cotswolds maybe?

PenelopePitstops Mon 29-Feb-16 07:31:00

Peak District?

Places round bakewell and matlock are nice.

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Feb-16 07:31:53

Stratford upon Avon
Ironbridge Gorge

ukgirlatheart Tue 01-Mar-16 10:04:10

I'd go for Robin Hood Country - Nottingham. You could:

Visit sherwoodforest learn all about Robin Hood, see the major Oak
Go to Sherwood Pines - go Tree climbing, and segways here
Also there is Clumber Park and Rufford Abbey Park

Places to stay would be Clumber Park Hotel or what about a beautiful pine cabin these

DeliveredByKiki Wed 02-Mar-16 00:14:12

oh Sherwood might be fun!

Onlyconnect Sun 06-Mar-16 11:36:01


RidersOnTheStorm Sun 06-Mar-16 11:44:03

Bourton on the Water. Lovely place, lots to do around there.

BestIsWest Sun 06-Mar-16 11:47:56


DeliveredByKiki Mon 07-Mar-16 04:05:11

I know Cirencester onlyconnect but not much else in the Cotswolds - anywhere you'd recommend?

Will check out Bourton on the Water

Onlyconnect Mon 07-Mar-16 14:17:58

The bigger villages like Broadway and Chipping Camden are very English with lovely tea shops and restaurants and easy walking from there into the hills. Less good for indoors stuff but Cotswold Farm Park and the Wildlife park (they're 2 different places) are both good. There's a steam train from Toddington to Cheltenham too.

DeliveredByKiki Mon 07-Mar-16 16:17:33

thanks all - will get researching!

DeliveredByKiki Mon 21-Mar-16 02:38:55

any cotswolds B&B recs??

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