Bast base for kids in Llyn peninsula/Porthmadog area?

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Bookaboo Thu 04-Feb-16 09:41:16

Ok, I've looked up previous posts on the area. I almost settled on Borth y Gest as a place to stay, but a bit worried that there won't be much to keep DS entertained without driving somewhere. It would be without doubt a beautiful and central location, and I know Porthmadog is nearby with the railway etc... But what's Porthmadog like for restaurants/cafes etc...
I'm also looking at criccieth but it doesn't look as pretty as some othe placesI like the look of abersoch and llanbedrog, but haven't found anywhere to stay there and would prefer somewhere that is a bit more central to everything.
Also, are there any locations less likely to be rainy in August?
Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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mummymeister Thu 04-Feb-16 12:21:54

BYG is a place we know well! it has its own little beach and if you turn right and walk along the path you come to sandy cove after sandy cove. keep going to the end and there is one with a huge sand dune. the kids love it but only go swimming when the tide is coming in because there is a very strong rip along here. the walk into Pmadog is about 10 - 15 mins and goes past the boat yard. here there are the 2 little railway lines and you can walk from here into Portmeirion which is a full day out. the drives out are quite short. we have enjoyed the castles there, mini golf and ice cream. the greenwood centre and merlins caves plus the centre for alternative technology. there is rope works about 20 mins away as well. message me if you want more info.

Bookaboo Thu 04-Feb-16 13:53:24

Thanks for that mummymeister! I'd heard about the rip currents. What is the sand like? Is it a bit muddy with it being the mouth of a river? And are the coves accessible from the path?

What is Porthmadog like for eating out?

So would you recommend it as a good base?

In worried it will rain all the time & possibly be a bit grim.

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Dowser Thu 11-Feb-16 10:23:10

Haven hafan y mor camp is lovely. I've written extensively on it on another thread.

Seemed to be plenty of places to eat in porthmadog. Cafe near railway station seemed quite nice. Beddgelert has nice cafe, very nice.

I found Pwllheli disappointing and would give that one a miss.

mummymeister Thu 11-Feb-16 16:35:00

Bookaboo, the coves are very accessible from the footpath. if you start off at the beach facing the sea and turn right and follow the road it then turns into a footpath near the church and this has numerous little pathways down most of which are properly made not mud slides. if you keep going you come to a big beach with the sand dune to your right but if you go beyond that you get to black rock sands and that is sandy as sandy can be but the tide goes out a huge way.

its definitely all sand and not mud and no shingle or shale. porthmadog isn't gourmet eating out territory but its fine. we tend to use the little café and restaurant in borth y gest and go in to porthmadog for the ice creams. there are some nice cafes in criccieth. to be honest though we do always have a food delivery so easy just to eat in at night. there is a good indian takeaway in porthmadog that's worth having and fish and chips at the top of the town which opens til it sells out so you have to get in early. oh and a nice café next to the bookshop in town too.

anywhere is grim in the rain but at least in wales they are used to it and lots of the attractions have indoor bits. we always go to the rabbit farm just beyond criccieth and also the greenwood centre. the CAT is a good eco day out as are merlins caves but you need to book for that as it is hellish busy.

we love using borth y gest as a base as it is very quiet and feels safe there with a small park in easy reach of most of the holiday lets.

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