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Ideas please! Aug BH weekend, toddlers and pensioners - what can we do?

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Plateofcrumbs Fri 29-Jan-16 08:56:39

I have no idea where to start with this.

Eight people, including toddlers and grandparents trying to go away for August bank holiday weekend in the UK.

I'd normally go for a cottage or something but surely we are going to struggle with a rental for just the weekend, they'll want weekly bookings in August?

Oh and it can't be crazily expensive.

Location has to be north/central, other than that pretty flexible.

I just don't know what type of accommodation to start looking at!


breakfastnotattiffanys Fri 29-Jan-16 12:20:14

We went away last August bank holiday Friday to Monday 16 people ranging from months old to almost 70, 4 cottages between us! We went to to a place called low Costa mill near Pickering (for 2nd time) Hoseasons also do 3 night weekend breaks then as I am going on a log cabin break then too!! Definitely doable, good luck!

Plateofcrumbs Fri 29-Jan-16 14:58:39

Thanks for suggestions. I've just been told it needs to be accessible on public transport as well! Mission impossible?!

mummymeister Fri 29-Jan-16 15:46:19

The issue is going to be finding places that will give a long weekend over the bank holiday. that and the fact that you will be spending most of this break sitting in traffic getting there and back. I would have a look at something like awaywiththekids website as a start. you are much more likely to find a hotel to give you a weekend then rather than cottages but you can only ask.

Plateofcrumbs Fri 29-Jan-16 20:02:45

I know cottages are going to be in short supply. The difficulty with hotels is socialising once the toddlers are asleep.

Even after widening my search area to pretty much the entire country there wasn't much available.

Oh and bank holiday traffic! We are travelling from all corners of the country to get together so everyone is going to have a long journey.

I can't see how this is going to work out well! confused

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