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Alternatives to Center Parcs for January 2017?

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heatherb82 Sun 24-Jan-16 22:38:15

My parents are both turning 70 at the end of the year, and my siblings & I want to take them away for a long weekend somewhere in Jan 2017. There will be 7 adults and 3 children (one who will be nearly 5, one who will be nearly 2 and one who will be 14 months). My family also live in different places (Manchester, Edinburgh and Portsmouth), so somewhere in either the north of England or the Midlands (at a push) would probably be best. We've looked at Center Parcs but it would be over £600 for 3 nights and we can't really afford that. Does anyone know of similar places which would be cheaper, but which still have indoor activities (as January will be a bit chilly to do much outside!)

Iwasbornin1993 Mon 25-Jan-16 02:17:32

Ribby Hall Village in Wrea Green? We've been a few times staying in the cottages they have there and it's been lovely each time. Loads of activities too for adults as well as the DC.

mummymeister Mon 25-Jan-16 08:50:27

I think you are going to really struggle to find something that is £20 per person per night with all that you are looking for even in January. I didn't think a 3 night break in centreparks for 10 people for £600 was that expensive - sorry. cheaper than this and you are looking at Butlins or other caravan sites but many wont have the activities on at this time of year.

cestlavielife Wed 27-Jan-16 14:13:57

£200 per night for eight people (not counting the under twos) is pretty good value - you wouldn't get many hotel rooms for under £100 and you would need at least two hotel rooms for that many people. presumably you want at least three bedrooms?

you could do say a 3 x premier inn special deal family room at say £35 per head still brings you to over £105 per night - and no kitchen to cook - potentially next door to bowling alleys etc on a retail/leisure estate ...but pretty naff for a 70th!

you could get a 3-4-bed holiday cottage for three nights in winter maybe, possibly cheaper but there wont be any on site activities.....

cestlavielife Wed 27-Jan-16 14:15:45

sorry £35 per room per night premier inn on special offer deal, got this in a town this year in december next to a leisure park with swimming bowling etc

(i got this to visit family nearby - not to have a weekend on the leisure park)

mouldycheesefan Wed 27-Jan-16 21:25:34

£20 per person per night for centre parcs looks great to me!

Bunbaker Fri 29-Jan-16 08:36:23

Maybe I am being a bit of an old fogey, but would someone approaching 70 get much out of Centerparcs? I am 57 and would hate to go somewhere like that.

mouldycheesefan Fri 29-Jan-16 09:22:17

Do you like wildlife and nature? Seeing deer, squirrels, rabbits in your patio, watching many species of birds?
Cycling, walking, rambling, swimming, table tennis, badminton, mini golf, yoga, Pilates, bowling, spa with fantastic facilities and high quality treatments.
Would a 57 year old not find anything they would like?

cestlavielife Fri 29-Jan-16 15:20:00

there are usually loads of multi generation families at CP so it seems to work for family gatherings...

we did a multi generation family gathering at a country cottage complex but there were no facilities on hand so people disappeared for whole day whereas at cp you can go for couple hours to do swimming or whatever then come back to the shared accommodation. older people can go to cafe and watch etc. for as long as little as they like

poocatcherchampion Fri 29-Jan-16 15:22:16

Seems cheap to me too.

Is it self catering?

Bunbaker Fri 29-Jan-16 16:28:12

"Do you like wildlife and nature? Seeing deer, squirrels, rabbits in your patio, watching many species of birds?
Cycling, walking, rambling, swimming, table tennis, badminton, mini golf, yoga, Pilates, bowling, spa with fantastic facilities and high quality treatments.
Would a 57 year old not find anything they would like?"

I like wildlife and nature, but don't like holiday park type activities or holiday parks. I don't like eating at mediocre chain restaurants either, so our ideal holiday is to rent an individual cottage somewhere out of the way and go walking and sightseeing. We like to eat out at country pubs that offer high quality meals made with locally sourced ingredients.

I cycle at home and do yoga and pilates at my local gym, I hate bowling, am not interested in mini golf, I'm not allowed to swim at the moment due to a perforated eardrum - and when I can I prefer to swim in a quiet pool uninterrupted by children playing and jumping about. I don't do spas.

Centerparcs doesn't have anything to offer me.

Babelange Fri 29-Jan-16 21:17:28

That description bears nothing to what Center Parcs is like - I've been and you clearly haven't! Sorry if that sounds goady...

Firstly it is not noisy. The dome (thinking of Woburn) is like being in a warm botanical garden, all the sections are separated. The facilities are excellent for kids and GPs. We took my DF for his 80th last year. He had a paddle and enjoyed watching the GCs and then sat and read his paper with a cuppa. The teens went on a flume and myself and DSIL bobbed around on inflatable tyres on the lazy river. Everyone smiling, it was very relaxing. Our ages were from 4-80.

No one forces you to eat in chain restaurants - we had 2 villas between 9 of us and we only ate out once. For one meal we bought along a turkey and had a giant roast dinner - the villas have generous kitchens with all mod cons and a dishwasher. We managed to all sit round one table. I bought a birthday cake along andwe only had to buy bits.

DSIS had a villa with a sauna so we popped into that for a bit. When the kids were small we had a villa on another occasion with a circular bath and we all 4 got in with the bubble maker on which was good fun!

I think you'd be hard pushed to find something comparable in January/February. You might find it slightly cheaper going mid-week perhaps if the adults are prepared to take time off work.

Bunbaker Fri 29-Jan-16 21:39:54

That's OK. No, I have never been to CP as it doesn't appeal, just as Benidorm or Magaluf don't appeal even though I have never been.

We don't have small children (DD is a teenager now) and avoid holiday destinations that are family friendly. None of us like waterparks or leisure pools - they are always too busy for a start. I just want to get in the pool, swim and then get out. I can't see very well without my glasses, which is one of the reasons why I prefer a boring swimming pool, then I can't get lost or lose people.

To be fair most of what I "know" about CP is from other mumsnetters. When we go away I do cook but prefer to eat out. There is no way I would do a roast dinner on holiday. I am more likely to just do pasta and salad.

mouldycheesefan Sat 30-Jan-16 08:38:22

Bun baker, why are you on this thread? Is someone forcing you to go to centreparcs against your will?

Bunbaker Sat 30-Jan-16 14:27:38

Initially I queried whether grandparents would enjoy CP, just to give another point of view. There's no need to be so snippy.

jelliebelly Sat 30-Jan-16 14:53:05

I think you'd be hard pushed to find anything comparable to enter parcs - £600 for 3 nights for 10 people is quite a good deal imo

piggyliggy2015 Wed 03-Feb-16 20:00:56

how about Bluestone in Pembrokeshire Wales? Similar to Center Parcs but cheaper! We've been once before and we are about to book our 2nd holiday there!

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