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Will Butlins do this?

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shazzarooney99 Thu 21-Jan-16 20:15:44

Ok first off i have a child whom lets say has difficulties, we are currently on sensory proccessing disorder, hypercussis, and autistic traits, although i know hes on the spectrum.

Anyway to cut a long story short my mother died in October, i kept him off school for a few days, then back to normailty.

Well it diddnt quite happen the way i expected, he started kicking off going to school ect, i had a bit of time off sick so it diddnt matter so much, but then i went back to work going in late.

However i have not been able to get back to work properly, sometimes i cant get him into school till 12pm, anyway i decided to have another try at going back to work and i booked with butlins knowing i could pay it off bit by bit.

However the kicking off has not gone away and low and behold i have no wages and have to pay this holiday off by next month.

We do not go till the easter holidays, will Butlins give me an extension to pay it?

GoldenMama Thu 21-Jan-16 20:56:53

Wouldn't know. They've got to have their rules, but might be worth a phone call or email to the right person and explain the situation.

Good luck.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Thu 21-Jan-16 21:01:56

Butlins are owned by Bourne Leisure now, so are basically the same company as Haven.

Haven will extend slightly, so I would guess that Butlins will too. They will still want it paid well before you travel though I suspect - I'd be surprised if they would extend to the end of February as that would be less than a month (if you are going for Easter), but it's got to be worth a try!

Good luck.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Thu 21-Jan-16 21:03:30

P.S. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time flowers.

shazzarooney99 Fri 22-Jan-16 12:02:40

Thanks its ok, its just the way the cookie crumbles xxx

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