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Centre parcs in the school holidays?

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WorrisomeHeart Sun 17-Jan-16 13:05:18

How terribly busy is it? We've only been term time before but now are restricted to the holidays. Is it hard to get any time in the pool/play areas? Does it feel overcrowded?

mummymeister Sun 17-Jan-16 22:49:18

yes is the short answer. we went once out of school holidays and it was Ok. I am not one for "organised fun" so wasn't my ideal but went with others so OK.

second went in school hols and it was my idea of hell. sorry. everywhere and everything mobbed. all the pay activities were booked up weeks in advance and the pool was just horrible. so many other really lovely places you can go to for half the price. not sure why people bother in school hols tbh.

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