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UK beach essentials - what's your Top 10 products & tips?

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Anjou Tue 12-Jan-16 20:45:08


Like most folk, the wet, cold and gloomy January weather has made me want to book a holiday so me, DH & our 2 DS (3 & 5) are going to Devon for a week in June. Can't wait. We've not done an all-out beach holiday before (we're usually hopping about, catching up with family, days out etc) so I'm thinking about the best things to take to enjoy the week. We go to a local beach for day trips fairly often and we take buckets, spade, a pop up tent for shelter (usually from the wind rather than the sun, sadly!). I have enough picnic/Tupperware type stuff to start a small business so that's all covered. I'd love to know what your Top 10 (or 5. Or 3, even!) things for a British summer beach visit are. I'm thinking we might need a wind break thing. And maybe inflatable lilos for both the sea and for making lying in the beach more comfy. I'd like a BBQ type thing. That's allowed on a beach isn't it? Here's my Top 10. It's hot stuff I take, and stuff I want. I'd love some recommendations if you have any!

1. Pop up tent. Brilliant for kids shelter/naps and keeping food in the shade. I've had one for 5 years and I wouldn't be without it on any days out.

2. Picnic blanket. I have one, but the soft side is a bit of a sand trap. Anyone know a good one?

3. Aqua shoes. DH and I have them but the kids don't. Should I get a cheap pair from Amazon? Should I get crocs? Dunno, what do you think.

3. Picnic/Tupperware, cool bags, flasks etc. I've got all this covered except for a BBQ. Anyone know of a good, easy to transport and get going BBQ? Should I stick with disposables?

4. Bucket and spade and that kind of malarkey. I think we've got they covered but if anyone has a recommendation for some thing particularly awesome, I'm all ears.

5. Beach towel/poncho/coverup for the kids. I've not seen anything that looks great. Anyone have ones they swear by?

6. Sun hats. I have a lovely wide brimmed Audrey Hepburn effort that I like to imagine makes me look like Audrey Hepburn. Sadly I look nothing like Audrey Hepburn. The kids need new ones though. They had brilliant ones when they were younger that had that flap at the back to cover their necks. They look a bit like French Foreign Legion hats. Can't find any though. Does anyone have suggestions for hats that are good for keeping the sun off of 3 and 5 year old boys heads, that actually stay on their heads?

7. A good size beach bag. I have a few and none of them seem to comfortably carry a towel, various sun creams, etc. Anyone know a good one (that doesn't bring half the beach home)?

8. Lilos. I like the thought of lying on one on the beach. Will I look like a twat? Towels just get scrunched up & sandy. What's an alternative?

Hmmm I'm struggling now. Maybe a Top 10 is a bit much.

9. Stuff to clean kids off? I think I've heard people say about talc. Do you put it on kids when they're out of the sea to keep sand from sticking? That doesn't sound quite right but I'm sure that talc on the beach is a thing!

10. Oh, a windbreaker thing, I nearly forgot! We used to have one of those sort of canvas fence things when I was a kid. You had to hammer the wooden posts into the sand. They always fell over. Are they any good? Maybe my parents weren't much cop with the hammer. Is there a sturdier version? What do you use?

Anything else? Any amazing top tips you'd like to share?

Hopefully some of you will have some awesome products/tips that you swear by (that I can steal from you!) that means we'll have a brilliant beach holiday!

Anjou Wed 13-Jan-16 21:58:23

No takers?! I'll try in Chat ...

Bunbaker Sat 16-Jan-16 10:33:51

"And maybe inflatable lilos for both the sea "

No shock. Please don't even think of using a lilo in the sea. That is a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

Warm clothes for cooler days. Talc is brilliant for getting sand off. Just wait until the sand dries and then use the talc.

Other than that I think you have covered everything. I would stay somewhere that has places of interest you could go to when the weather is bad.

JackandDiane Sat 16-Jan-16 10:36:04

hello Journalist working to a deadline!

SweepTheHalls Sat 16-Jan-16 10:39:41

Talc, wetsuits for adults and children and body boards!

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Sat 16-Jan-16 10:48:44

As early as June?

Add cagoules and fleeces. Cheap wetsuits as the sea will still be very chilly (often easier to buy at destination, where you can find them in places like Tescos). And YY to shoes for swimming in, as stones can be sharp.

Agree with previous poster that you should never take a lilo or other inflatables into the sea.

Will there be rock pools? See if there's book that'll tell you about what you're looking at.

Also take bat and balls for beach cricket and other games.

BBQs are usually not allowed on well-frequented beaches, but if you're prepared to walk to somewhere more remote you'll be OK.

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