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Pregnant with dc3 - Holiday in May pregnant or later in the summer with baby.

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needtomovesomewherewarmer Mon 11-Jan-16 23:39:40

Thats it really. I'm pregnant with dc3, due late June and have ds (4 - not in school) and dd (2).

Original plan was to holiday in the UK before baby arrives and then maybe take a short centre parks break in the autumn with baby. However, now i'm starting to plan the holiday i am a bit worried the weather might not be up to it.

Last year we had a 2 week holiday in France which was……nice but hard work. Followed by the post perfect week in October in North Devon. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and spent every day on the beach.It was easy, relaxing and fun. So, the plan was to do something similar. We were thinking cottage in cornwall south or possibly South Devon. But, looking at dates we are looking at mid-late May and i am worried it will be cool - this is essentially our summer holiday. Normally, i'd would be less bothered about the weather but we won't get away again in the summer. Usually if the weather was cool/damp i'd suggest getting on our bikes / going for a hike etc but thats not going so easy 34 weeks pregnant. I'm looking for something easy.

So i am looking for advice on holidaying on cornwall (i.e. Sennen / Carbis bay) or south devon (i.e. Bigbury) in May or if these are not ideal this time of year.

Would we be better holidaying later in the summer with baby???? I'm slightly apprehensive of holidaying later in the summer with a tiny baby - our babies never sleep and i feel like i'll also be missing out on quality time with ds and dd looking after the new baby…and that it will be hard work for dh occupying them.

mummymeister Tue 12-Jan-16 10:49:47

asking about the weather in the Uk is more of a lottery than anywhere else. we have had holidays in wales at Easter and got sunburnt and the following year, snowed in. best thing to do is to pick somewhere that has plenty going on. when we stay in cornwall we stay HERE it was perfect when the kids were younger (now older teens) with farm animals and indoor games barn as well as the swimming pool. its in Looe which is just along from Plymouth in se cornwall. we prefer this area as it is less touristy and tends to be a bit cheaper than the north coast like padstow or st ives.

would personally go away when pregnant as you can never be sure what challenges a new baby will bring.

needtomovesomewherewarmer Tue 12-Jan-16 21:52:57

thanks mummymeister. I am more favourable of having the holiday before baby - it was dh's suggestion to consider later.

Fair point about the weather and actually i had looked at a similar type of complex last year when booking our UK holiday but it worked out a bit expensive as we had already been away.

Clyde Cottages in Wales look great but a bit for from the coast. I also like the look of Bosinver Farm Cottages which is near St Austell. I've never stayed this side of Cornwall though - does anyone know what at the beaches / places to visit like around here?

mummymeister Wed 13-Jan-16 09:20:30

don't know bosinver farm but others on MN might. think it is quite pricey and I know st Austell is not near the sea. can only talk about the beaches around Looe. seaton and downderry are one of our favs because they have parking right next to them, lovely café with outside seating where we drink hot choc when its cold and the beach is never crowded. Looe has a nice little beach as well but you do have to park and walk. same with Polperro. as long as you avoid may half term week - ours break up on the 27th - then you should be able to find somewhere good.

MrsRolly Sun 17-Jan-16 22:40:20

Bosinver Farm is lovely, there are beaches near st Austell, petewen sands is nice (although not as well known as others in Cornwall) and its close to Eden project/lost gardens of heligan etc you are also not too far from the roseland which is full of amazing beaches & villages. Bosinver is close to the connecting road to Truro for easy access to Falmouth etc and just up the road to get onto the a30 for the other side pad stow, Newquay etc.

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