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Sun £9.50 holidays

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LondonSuperTrooper Mon 11-Jan-16 01:40:35

Has anyone been on the Sun £9.50 holiday? Is it really only £9.50? And would you recommend it?


CalmYoBadSelf Mon 11-Jan-16 01:42:53

I wouldn't have anything to do with that disgusting rag personally. I could never need a holiday that much

They used to do some of their holidays to Pontins in Blackpool which was a on its last legs and a shithole

HellesBelles01 Mon 11-Jan-16 02:02:37

Christ, calm, that was a bit harsh!

I'm no Murdoch fan either. I don't buy his papers or have Sky. Perhaps you can afford a couple of weeks in Tuscany every summer, with a week's skiing thrown in over winter, but not everyone can hmm.

London, I've not used the Sun holiday offers. I know a few people who just buy the paper to get the tokens (I think it's tokens that you need to collect, over several editions, but I'm not sure as I haven't done it).

Hopefully someone will be along soon who can be more helpful. Again, I haven't been to any Butlins or Pontins type places, but my friend took her 3yo to butlins (Bognor Regis I think) and thy had a great time. Loads of stuff for kids to do, food ok, accommodation better than expected. Perfect for little ones, although not my cup of tea. Obviously the weather won't be guaranteed. Have you tried looking at trip advisor for reviews of the individual sites?

This might help too:

Want2bSupermum Mon 11-Jan-16 02:04:59

I did that deal last in 2004. I thought it was a great deal. We went to blackpool for a long weekend and had a lot of fun.

It isn't the Ritz but it is a very good deal IMO. If I still lived in the UK I would be doing it.

SnuffleGruntSnorter Mon 11-Jan-16 02:10:34

I'm with calm I'm afraid. Hacking a dead child's phone? No holiday would ever be good enough for me to help fund that.

I hope you find a deal you're happy with though, OP and have a really good time on holiday wherever you go.

HellesBelles01 Mon 11-Jan-16 02:20:06

I don't disagree with either of you. The phone hacking scandal was atrocious. News International acted with complete contempt. This was made worse by the lack of a proper police investigation, the cronyism and down right corruption, and as a final insult, Rebekah Brooks has just got her job back.

But that isn't what the OP asked about.

VertigoNun Mon 11-Jan-16 02:24:55

No. I know people that have. Off Peak and basic.

Oswin Mon 11-Jan-16 02:32:49

Op if you sign up for a trial of sun plus you don't have to buy the papers for tokens. You don't have to collect any at all. You also get priority booking so as soon as the holidays open up you go on put your four dates and four holiday park choices and it will pick for you.

Baconyum Mon 11-Jan-16 02:48:47

Firstly I am FAR from wealthy and would love a holiday but would not stoop to the sun. For many reasons Inc hacking and Hillsborough.

That said to answer your question I know people that have. It's off peak (so not during school hols) and not £9.50 and that's it. It's £9.50 per person per trip I think and they're only 3 nights. You're not guaranteed to be offered your preferred place so transport costs could be an issue plus there's additional costs for bedding, food, entertainment passes (even at butlins where normally that's included) and other things. Basically it ends up costing same as if you went direct to eg butlins without the offer or not much less especially as its off peak times. Dates also exclude all bank holidays throughout UK so eg if its a bank holiday in northern Ireland that dates out for whole of UK. I think also special weekends (like when butlins have big celebs in for special weekends like 80's weekends) are excluded too.

The people I know who've used it haven't again, wasn't worth the hassle.

plannedshock Mon 11-Jan-16 03:21:16

I used it years ago, you pay for 4 people regardless of who goes, you can go in the summer, we went in June but it was £15pp. Most places then charge supplements on top (for everything) we did a caravan so was and extra £20 for bedding, £20 for amenities, £20 "admin" think it was roughly £120-30 by the end. Stayed at a park dean site,

stitchglitched Mon 11-Jan-16 03:33:44

We do it a couple of times a year. We do Mon to Fri so we get 4 nights, take our own sheets and try to chose dates where entertainment passes are free. We are lucky as we are not restricted to school holidays, and our breaks come in at about 80 pound for 4 of us. We go to Haven Seashore in Great Yarmouth as it is only an hour away from us and DC who has SN feels happy going back to familiar surroundings each time. Also you don't need to buy the papers, the codes are available online.

LondonSuperTrooper Mon 11-Jan-16 20:47:53

Thanks for your replies. I'm not actually buying the newspaper, I'm just collecting the tokens which are given to me on another forum.
I'll look into your suggestions, thank you.

MrsOs Fri 15-Jan-16 15:48:44

Hi ya does anyone have the codes so far? Thanks x

Babyroobs Thu 21-Jan-16 18:52:14

My local newspaper has just run a similar offer ( same parks etc), I had to send off £10 per person for 5 of us. I have just had confirmation today and have been sent an invoice for a firthur £128 on top of the £50 already paid !! This is for Linen, entertainment passes, Utility services charge and summer supplement ( £50),. I know this still works out cheaper than booing through Haven, but ot a lot cheaper and no way works out to the £10 per person that they suggest.

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