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London activities without much walking

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Saracen Sun 10-Jan-16 09:54:07

The kids and I are going to London for a few days later this week (January) and I fear it may be a bit full-on. The younger one, aged 9, is slightly disabled but we aren't taking a wheelchair. And the older one is an unfit teen! So we are on the lookout for some fun things which will give our feet a break in between walking round to see the sights.

Here's what we thought:
Bus tour - top deck looks very exposed though!
River tour, if we can find one which looks enclosed. I've been on them in the spring and it's quite even cold then!
Imax film at Science Museum
Canal boat tour maybe
London Eye is closed for maintenance

Any other ideas for sit-down activities? Thanks!!

ukgirlatheart Sun 10-Jan-16 11:11:19

Bus tour - give a miss we sat on one for around 3 hours last year as it was just sat in traffic. I would do:

Duck Tours - excellent google it

Covent Garden - you can do street acts, the lovely indoor market, lots of cafes, very short walk down to...

Leicester Sq where there is a Nickolodian Shop and the MM shop - spend hours in there with lots of hands on things for kids to do. Also Cinema at Leicester Sq

Saracen Sun 10-Jan-16 12:17:11

ooo thanks! Those look great. flowers

Yes, Covent Garden is in the plans. We are staying at the Covent Garden Travelodge where you can get quite cheap deals sometimes.

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