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Does Portreath in Cornwall small of sewage?

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StDogolphin Sun 03-Jan-16 15:49:45

As per my title really. Does it still smell? I found an article from 2009 saying they were running tests.

We are looking for a nice beach where our eldest can surf and our youngest can mooch amongst rock pools. We looked at Perranporth but its pretty busy so moved further down the coast. Ideally we would like to be near to the Eden Project. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?

Aposey Sun 03-Jan-16 16:08:03

I have never noticed it smelling of sewage, but I do know that it is not a good idea to swim/surf after heavy rain almost anywhere as the run-off from towns and sewage works can overflow into the sea- but thats the case almost anywhere I think.

There are a few good beaches in that area, Gwithian on one side and Porthtowan on the other, Perranporth just a bit further East. I'm not a surfer but I have seen surfers at most of these places! Porthtowan has rockpools and little caves, but is very tidal so make sure you get there as the tide is on its way out/ low tide.

Im guessing you aren't local? As the Eden project is a long way from any of these beaches. Its on the South coast, much further to the East, whereas most of the good beaches/ surfing is on the North coast.

My only other thought is to avoid Newquay as it is very busy, parking is obscenely expensive and more of a stag/hen party atmosphere than family. I don't know the area further to the East from Newquay or East from the Eden project well enough to make suggestions around there, sorry!

Hope thats of some use!

StDogolphin Sun 03-Jan-16 16:15:51

Thank you! I think its hard to get a sense of scale when you are not familiar with an area!

Aposey Sun 03-Jan-16 17:22:50

Especially in Cornwall where the roads are so slow! I find Google maps route planning gives a pretty good idea of travel times, though you'll want to add on a bit if youre visiting in peak holiday times as the roads really arent built for the traffic.

Hopefully someone who knows NE Cornwall better than me might be able to suggest somewhere East of Newquay that will be good for surfing. Otherwise could you split your trip? Spend some of the time in the NW of Cornwall then head to the Fowey area to be closer to the Eden Project? Theres some beautiful places around Fowey and is a completely different kind of place to the NE Cornwall.

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