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Away with granny

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tincent Wed 30-Dec-15 22:45:56

Hi I'm trying to find a place to take my mum, dh and two small kids for mum's seventieth preferably within 1.5 hours of north London. Any suggestions very much appreciated. Thank you.

wickedwaterwitch Thu 31-Dec-15 11:06:07

What kind of thing do you want? Hotel? Classic or boutique?

What's your budget, roughly?

wickedwaterwitch Thu 31-Dec-15 11:06:35

Or are you looking for self catering?

tincent Thu 31-Dec-15 14:56:01

Hi there
I'm not sure really, had thought about self catering as it makes evenings easier. Maybe a farm stay? OH suggested centre parcs but it sounds grim in the school hols. It's a special occasion so I don't mind spending a bit more. I was thinking of spring half term so I know I'll have to pay the top rates!

wickedwaterwitch Thu 31-Dec-15 17:03:14

Any good?

tincent Thu 31-Dec-15 19:13:24

Hi this would be perfect for the four of us but I'm not sure mum would cope. I forgot to mention she's a bit wobbly on her feet at times. Thank you though I'd love to stay here so that's one for our next trip! smile

mrswolf Thu 31-Dec-15 19:54:00

This might be an idea. Haven't stayed myself but the area is very pretty and easy to reach from North London. There are good suggestions on things you can do.

tincent Thu 31-Dec-15 21:23:09

Looks lovely mrswolf, thank you.

wickedwaterwitch Thu 31-Dec-15 21:28:48

This says they have accessible rooms - I haven't stayed but check tripadvisor first

HarrietSchulenberg Thu 31-Dec-15 21:33:03

Manor Farm House at Lydstep is lovely. We've stayed there with kids and parents twice. It's near Tenby. It does have stairs but they're not steep and even my wobbly dad managed them ok.

tincent Fri 01-Jan-16 10:22:22

Thanks all, some lovely places to look at, thank you. chocolate

Oh2beatsea Fri 01-Jan-16 19:15:07

Southwold in Suffolk would appeal to all age ranges. The town has lots of lovey cottages to rent or nice hotels. Plenty of good pubs/ restaurants for meals plus a great beach and pier for the children.

tincent Fri 01-Jan-16 19:43:09

Thank you added to the list!

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