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moving to Mytchett

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homeland21 Sat 28-Nov-15 20:37:39

We have viewed a property in Mytchett. Is it a good area to move into?
I need to travel to London and my husband to Shackleford every day so we need good transport links. Low crime rate, high professional residents and good schools are our criteria.
I should be grateful if you would give some feedback about Mytchett.
How is Hook or Farnham in comparison?

BeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 29-Nov-15 13:32:35

Hi homeland21 - we'd suggest taking a closer look at the Mumsnet Surrey site, and perhaps post over there for advice from those local to the area.

We're going to move this post over to our UK topic, as you'll likely get more traffic over there.

mummytime Sun 29-Nov-15 14:14:12

I'd expect Mychett is cheaper than Farnham. I'd check out the train times on South West trains website. Have you considered Godalming? It has better trains than Farnham to London (at least that's my impression) and its closer to Shackleford.

The whole area has a pretty low crime rate, with probably a bit more in Aldershot (but probably mainly pub related).
Are you looking at private or State schools?

homeland21 Sun 29-Nov-15 21:48:05

Thank you for your response.
trains from Farnborough are much faster to London than Godalming and my husband doesn't like to live in Godalmingsmile
Glad to note that the area has low crime rate.
I am looking at state schools. Are they any good?

mummytime Mon 30-Nov-15 07:40:41

I don't really know that area. I think two secondaries were merged not too long ago?
Actually I know more about private as friends children have commuted that way for school.

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