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UK ideas around Easter

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CottonSock Thu 26-Nov-15 08:53:23

Hi everyone. After a recent wet and windy holiday in Pembrokeshire with DD (2.4) I had started planning a 'sunshine' break just before Easter. All set on Cyprus as amazing value just at edge of season, lovely all inclusive hotel. Dreaming of it now.

But, I'm pregnant and saw my consultant yesterday who said I shouldn't fly as have extra risk factors. Luckily hadn't booked.

I've done centre parks and bluestone before which are possible, but probably want something a bit more relaxing than this.. But still want facilities close by in case of bad weather.

We could go week before Easter which I think misses main school holidays.

Could still get a ferry to France / Jersey I guess. Not too keen on Eurostar with toddler, an hour last week on train was enough for her (me).

Maybe should just do a city break, we usually enjoy. I will be 27/weeks. We are outside lovers and adventurous travellers who like good food.

Have a decent budget, but don't like spending money unnecessarily.

Look forward to some suggestions smile

mummymeister Thu 26-Nov-15 14:34:37

we love south east cornwall. its not the bottom end of cornwall but still has the lovely beaches and walks that we enjoy doing. you might be better going the week after easter as this seems to be the time when the attractions open up especially if you want some indoor options in case of the weather. when we go to cornwall we often stay here really child friendly.

I would say that most places in the UK are going to be a bit quiet with regard to attractions before easter as I don't know many places other than London that really open up and get going before then.

boo671 Sun 20-Dec-15 09:58:25

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mrsmortis Mon 21-Dec-15 14:28:05

How about the North Norfolk coast. If you have a reasonable amount of money then I highly recommend the Blakeney Hotel, we stayed there for my parent's ruby wedding anniversary. It overlooks shore which is owned by the national trust and the view is stunning. If the weather is bad I can spend hours sat in the lounge watching as the wind blows across the flats. It's constantly changing.

There is plenty to do, lots of outdoor stuff, a couple of national trust properties, you can go out and see the seals on a boat, and a preserved railway to play on.

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