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Edinburgh next week! What coat to wear!

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iamEarthymama Thu 05-Nov-15 15:48:23

Off to Edinburgh for 4 days, the weather forecast keeps changing.
My question is, do I go for
Style, lovely vintage wool coat, with wrap round scarf;
Warmth, craghoppers padded knee length wine coat
Practical, layers inc thermal with Seasalt hooded Mac?
I really want to wear a floor length velvet coat but have been told I will look like I took a wrong turn on the way back from Whitby Goth Weekend (I would love this!) smile
We won't be doing any long walks, visiting the tourist attractions mainly, with interesting meals and a couple of drinks in the pub.
Everyone says it is very cold up there and I am the neshest person ever.
But I also want to look good too, my style is a bit different and I wear the Crag hoppers coat for work.
Please help!

Redglitter Thu 05-Nov-15 15:51:33

It's not any colder 'up here' than anywhere else in the UK. What would you wear doing the same activities at home

cluelessnchaos Thu 05-Nov-15 16:05:35

It is colder, bloody freezing. I was down south in October and was sweltering in comparison. Vintage coat, remember gloves, scarf and hat

Redglitter Thu 05-Nov-15 16:16:20

It's lovely and mild just now ??
Gloves scarf and a hat would kill me in this weather

iamEarthymama Thu 05-Nov-15 22:00:43

Oh well, it's good to know everyone agrees!! smile

I think I will go with the layers and a brolly!
I know it's not the world's worst problem but I really do get miserable in the cold and just want to be prepared.
I am really looking forward to this visit, all my friends say I won't want to leave.

Ninacarter77 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:02:36

Edinburgh is a bit nippy (but actually pretty mild just now).

I was there last week and just wore a wool blazer with scarf couple of layers underneath but I was shopping and the shops were roasting.

Had a long walk in the afternoon to meet up with friends and still didn't feel cold but I was walking at a fair pace.

I don't think the coat is as important as what you wear underneath. Layers is way to go.

200threads Sun 08-Nov-15 09:06:22

I live in Edinburgh- wear your Goth coat. Edinburgh is a very cosmopolitan city, no-one will bat an eyelid.

StormBraver Sun 08-Nov-15 09:06:35

Something warm and waterproof with a hood (sorry!) because if it's windy you have got no chance of keeping a brolly intact!

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:08:03

It's 11 degrees today

APlaceOnTheCouch Sun 08-Nov-15 09:10:09

I'd go for the layers and the Mac. We are having a much milder winter than usual with random nippy days thrown in.

200threads Sun 08-Nov-15 09:11:13

Also depends on what you will be doing. If you are spending your time indoors on smart bars and cafes then your coat may be different than if you plant to climb up Arthurs seat ( extinct volcano in middle of the city)

200threads Sun 08-Nov-15 09:11:42

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Sun 08-Nov-15 09:12:14

I have to say I don't find Edinburgh people (including me) to be fashionistas in the main so I would wear whatever you like.

InkleWinkle Sun 08-Nov-15 09:13:52

It's pretty mild at the moment, around 12/13 degrees. Due to be windy & rainy this week though so definitely need a hood.

dementedma Sun 08-Nov-15 09:19:49

Not cold up here at all right now. Just wear something waterproof...

SymbollocksInteractionism Sun 08-Nov-15 09:20:37

It is really mild for this time of year so just wear what you want to!
Enjoy, Edinburgh is a beautiful city.

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