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isles of Scilly!

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peppansalt Mon 26-Oct-15 15:04:23

Can anyone recommend self catering cottages or nice B&B on the IOS?

Thinking of going on family holiday June half term.

Also has anyone flown there? Is it expensive

mummymeister Tue 03-Nov-15 08:36:51

there are 2 ways to get there either flying or boat. the boat is cheaper, takes longer ( couple of hours ) but is much more reliable if there is fog or bad weather which there can definitely be in May half term. school hols will be expensive and the scillies books out really early. There is a real ale festival and a folk festival on over half term next year. I would look at the visitscilly pages if I were you. are you going with children and what sort of holiday are you looking for? we have been over on day trips and to be honest with the kids that's about as much time as I want to spend there.

BlueChampagne Tue 03-Nov-15 14:14:25

Have a look at 10 The Strand on St Mary's. Agree flying is expensive!

Rather depends on how old our kids are and what they like to do. It's fairly pricey once you get there especially when you add in boat trips to different islands.

Tresco Gardens
Wildlife boat trips
Cycle hire on St Mary's
Beautiful beaches and walks
Following the gig racing

Haven't been for years so will cudgel my brains.

Cabbagesandcustard Tue 01-Dec-15 17:05:07

Bit late to the party but.....
We visited Scilly for the first time this summer (after many years planning!) and loved it. Felt so lucky to be there, in such a stunning and safe haven from the world, where the tides rule the day and nature is king. It really is just as beautiful as the pictures suggest.
I have older children and they enjoyed it immensely too; cycling, horse riding, the great outdoors - and I think would like it even more in a couple of years when they'll both be old enough to go off exploring on their own for the day. It feels incredibly safe. But there really is nothing at all to appeal to a more tech-savvy / sophisticated child and very little / nothing to do under cover in poor weather so you entirely take a chance on good weather when you book. I think late May / June would be a perfect time to visit if you want a profusion of wild flowers and beautiful gardens.
I didn't think it was particularly expensive once we were there (no more than London prices), and few shops / attractions (apart from cafes) to spend your money on - but getting there was fairly pricey. We flew in a tiny plane from Lands End airport which was a fabulously fun way to travel, expensive enough at £160 return per person - but don't forget you may also need to factor in a night in Penzance at beginning and / or end of your holiday, depending on timetables and where you are travelling from.
Relatively often, the flights aren't able to go because of sea fog, high winds or low cloud. Get some insurance! The boat is a more definite alternative but takes 3hours each way and has a reputation as a vomit inducer (something to do with having a relatively flat bottom due to the shallow harbour on St Mary's , I've heard). Can't comment, but certainly didn't fancy it because of that!
Self catering accommodation is expensive for what you get... We stayed on St Mary's and found that many of the properties are flats rather than houses and sometimes appear not to be decorated / furnished to the sort of high standard you might expect from other expensive Cornish resorts eg Padstow. However, it seems to me that the same families book year to year and once you've got your slot, you don't let it go or you'll lose it forever (particularly if you want to stay on one of the off-islands). You'll be very lucky indeed if you can find family accommodation on one of the smaller islands for school holiday periods next year. Tresco is more of a resort and may be different - it is very expensive indeed - and was also my least favourite island by a long way (still beautiful but much more commercial). On St Mary's, you will probably be ok, but are unlikely to have the pick of the bunch. Remember that walking / cycling rules the day so pick your location carefully if you have children too big for a pushchair but not happy to walk a mile or two.
Despite all the possible difficulties / disadvantages of getting there, I would go back like a shot. Go - I don't think you'll regret it.

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