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What to do in London - first time trip for a 10yo

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OccamsLadyshaveToo Thu 22-Oct-15 17:45:17

I'm taking a 10 yo to London this weekend and it's the first time she's been.

We're only there for just over 24 hrs and she has an injury at the moment so can't walk too far.

I wanted to get tickets for a show but I can't find anything affordable.

There's just so much to do I am a bit overwhelmed by it all.

I just want to give her a good taste of the city, but not cram our weekend so full that she's exhausted and miserable!

Has anyone done the open top bus? Would it be any fun in bad weather when it's not open top or does that defeat the object?!

Don't mind spending on one decent thing, but I don't have hundreds to spend.

Lunastarfish Thu 22-Oct-15 17:48:32

Do the aquarium and London Eye. They are right next to each other and there is a deal for joint tickets

AnyoneButAndre Thu 22-Oct-15 17:51:24

A ride in the top deck of a normal double decker might be fine - there are lots of good routes going past sights which someone will tell you soon. I'd take a Clipper catamaran down the Thames from Waterloo to Tower, that's a fun way to see things if you can't walk.

tribpot Thu 22-Oct-15 17:55:13

Not being able to walk too far is probably the key factor. Where are you staying?

We are in London next week and are going to the Aquarium and the London Dungeon one day, followed by Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast the next. Belfast is no good if you can't walk far, it's like a major cardiac workout as you clamber about all over the ship (up and down what feels like 70 ladders).

I'd think about a boat trip - either the highly exhilarating Thames RIB or maybe the Duck tour. I don't know if there are tickets left but the Globe is doing some shows for children next week. You've then got the Millennium footbridge over to St Paul's.

Really I'd stick to the area you're staying in, so let us know where that is and we'll advise what's nearby.

Lunastarfish Thu 22-Oct-15 17:55:49

Actually if you did the aquarium /London Eye you could get straight on a boat

originalmavis Thu 22-Oct-15 17:58:46

The proper tour buses are a nightmare. Very expensive and slow. It depends where you are staying. Hard Rock/Sticky Fingers for food!

I would definately do a duck tour. They are so much fun! Tbe London eye is expensive but also good.

tribpot Thu 22-Oct-15 17:59:43

Yes, good point, there's a pier right there. If you do the Eye, I would pay for Fast Track as standing in the queue (poss in the pissing rain) could be highly miserable. We had Fast Track tickets for the Shrek Adventure, also next to the London Eye, last time we went and it was so worth it when we cruised in before it even opened for the day, getting out of the appalling rain whilst everyone else had to wait. However, the Adventure itself, whilst more fun than I thought, involves a fair bit of walking.

HarrietVane99 Thu 22-Oct-15 18:04:08

Number 11 is the best route for sightseeing. Victoria to Liverpool Street, or vice versa. Alternatively, number 15, Trafalgar Square to the Tower.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 22-Oct-15 18:04:35

I'd advise against the Aquarium, mainly because you will spend a goodly part of your 24 hours in the queue there. There's also a lot of walking to do once you are in there.

I'd second a trip down the Thames - either on a tourist boat, or just on a commuter Clipper. You can get off at Bankside and go to the Globe, or into the tate Modern. Or even better, you can sit on it as far as it goes, beyond Greenwich, then get off at Bankside on the way back!

OccamsLadyshaveToo Thu 22-Oct-15 18:09:17

Some brilliant ideas. Thanks.

We're staying in Willesden Green. The nearest tube is on the Jubilee line.

A boat trip would go down a storm. I'll look into that. I like the idea of the duck tour. I think she'd really enjoy it.

Also thanks for the bus tip. I think we'll give the open top bus a miss, but use some overground buses instead of the tube to see a bit more.

originalmavis Thu 22-Oct-15 18:12:49

Get a one day travelcard and go crazy! Kids don't pay for travel.

HarrietVane99 Thu 22-Oct-15 18:46:21

If you do a bus ride, get a map so she can follow the route and knows what to look out for.

If you go to Liverpool Street, take a moment to go and look at the Kindertransport memorial.

I would suggest a ride on the Tube, but if she's not very mobile she might not be able to cope with that.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 22-Oct-15 19:34:10

If you go for the Clipper, you can board at Embankment (or at the London Eye), and don't sit in the middle at the front, even if there are seats free, but at the sides, as far front as you can, for the best view. There's even a Costa on board!

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