Londoners, please tell a hopeless northerner your favourite restaurant around London or Tower Bridge.

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cathyandclaire Mon 28-Sep-15 15:40:30

I'm meeting DH for a night in London tomorrow night and need to book a restaurant. We'd like something buzzy and good rather than fine dining/ pristine white tablecloths. Obviously we've left it late so not expecting the hottest place around, is there anywhere you'd recommend.
Meeting in the City but staying in Docklands so thought Southwark/Borough/ Butler's Wharf would be good-but open to suggestions.

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JessieThom Mon 28-Sep-15 16:46:56

Ooh! Head to Bermondsey St, just south of London Bridge and Tower Bridge - there are some really lovely restaurants and bars on that road. In particular, I'd highly recommend Antico, I went there a few weeks ago and I've rarely had such good Italian food and it's pretty reasonable too. Casse-Croute is also very good ( and I like the Garrison ( although it's more of a bar/restaurant really. Several friends have also recommended Tanner and Co (, but I've never been to that one. Lots to choose from all on one road.

I'd also recommend St Katharine's Dock for a wander and/or drink, on the north side of Tower Bridge, although I think most of the restaurants there are chains.

My mouth's watering now... enjoy!

Cheesybaps Mon 28-Sep-15 16:50:15

I'd second St Katherine's Dock. Gorgeous.

There are generic chain restaurants around there, but also this great little Turkish place called Kilikyas. DP and I love it there.

dinkystinky Mon 28-Sep-15 16:53:45

For buzzy head to Borough Market - Roast and Brindisa (both there) are great. V close to London Bridge tube so v easy to get back to Docklands after.

cathyandclaire Mon 28-Sep-15 22:24:22

Great answers, thanks so much everyone, I looked at and loved al the suggestions so have sent the link to DH and I'm going to let him decide. Off to plan my wardrobe...
I'll report back on Wednesday.

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JessieThom Tue 29-Sep-15 06:36:15

Have a great time! smile

cathyandclaire Wed 30-Sep-15 22:46:12

We had a great night, thank-you all! Ended up at Borough at Bridisa, which was perfect, buzzy and no need to book. We are very soon going to be empty nesters ( insert <old git emoticon> here) and Dh is spending more time working in that area of London, so we are planning on working through all the rest of the recommendations. Much appreciated Mnetters! You have justified all the time I waste invest on Mumsnet to DH grin

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Iwasworried Wed 30-Sep-15 22:49:59

If you go back, go for a drink at Bedales in the market smile

wickedwaterwitch Sat 03-Oct-15 09:42:03

I love Brindisa

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