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Ebonyrose21 Sat 12-Sep-15 18:36:55

Hi, I took about four pregnancy tests weeks ago and they all were positive and my last missed period was around the 3rd July, making me ten weeks pregnant. Friday night I started to have a brown discharge, today upon wiping myself it had turned red so I went to the hospital, when there the doctor examined me and I was only having brown discharge. She then proceeded to carry out an ultra sound which showed an empty sac but she said that it looked like the start of a pregnancy which has left me confused. I then went and bought a clear blue digital test which showed a result of 1-2 weeks pregnant. I then phoned the hospital and the woman that I spoke to said that I could of misscarried and not realised and got pregnant again without realising as I would of though that I was carrying the baby that I potentially lost. Had this happend to anyone else? I am so confused.

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Rainuntilseptember15 Sat 12-Sep-15 18:48:21

Hi OP this is posted in UK and won't get much traffic - could you try replaying in the conception section or the miscarriage section?
I would imagine with a recent miscarriage of ten weeks pg you could well still have enough pg hormone to get the 1-2 weeks result. If you've mced then that will tail off and eventually a test would read not pg. not sure what to make of the scan result. For this to be pg no.2 you would need to have miscarried, then ovulated again and got pg again. I really hope that's what's happened but I also suspect that you may be miscarrying now. What are they going to do for you next? Did they say?

Ebonyrose21 Sat 12-Sep-15 19:31:46

Thanks for the reply! They just said that I have to go back Thursday for another ultrasound and an internal scan. The doctor was mainly saying that it's possible it is an early pregnancy

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Rainuntilseptember15 Sun 13-Sep-15 21:25:29

Hello, I hope he turns out to be right smile I am glad you have a scan booked which should give further info so you know where you stand. The uncertainty is horrible I know flowers

Kaytee1987 Mon 21-Sep-15 14:07:04

If your last missed period was 3rd July I assume your last actual period was around 5th June so that would have made you around 14 weeks pregnant. Really hope you are still pregnant, let us know how you got on xx

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