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Christmas for the lonley

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onlyoranges Thu 03-Sep-15 22:38:31

Since my Dad and sister died Cgristmas has been a rather sad affair in our house. This year I want to try and have a good time. I am looking for somewhere where there is lots of joining in with other people and stuff for the kids to go off and enjoy with other children. Funds are limited so we need that high on our priority list. Places like Butlins tend to be large groups of families and not very inclusive. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Our last couple have been dreadful.

queenofthepirates Thu 03-Sep-15 22:50:10

I don't know about places to go other than maybe volunteering on Xmas Day?

Maybe you guys would be better off making new traditions for the family to enjoy? We used to have a giant scavenger hunt or treasure hunt on the day, culminating in presents, church, telling each other stories, big meal, special videos on the day, that kind of thing?

spababe Tue 08-Sep-15 09:05:44

I know HF holidays do Christmas 'House Parties' but I don't know if many children go and if it would be geared to an older age group that you would like. If you ring reservations they would tell you if there were any other children booked in and their ages. HF's core style is walking holidays but they offer other things as well so scroll down and have a look at all the options.

LaFlottes Wed 09-Sep-15 10:25:51

Hi! I have just asked a similar question but one place that is really good for this is Crieff Hydro in Scotland. It's close to where we used to live and I'd love to go, but on first look it might be too expensive for us. Just thought I'd mention it!

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