Center Parcs check in/out times + pool entry times

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nonsense0name Wed 26-Aug-15 11:52:18


Off to CP soon and I know you can arrive from 10am - I assume there are q's....what time does this calm down does anyone know?

Once we're in I'd like to go straight to the pool but the CP website says that you're welcome in the pool from 2pm - do they check this or have others gone earlier?

Then moving car/luggage to lodge from 3pm - what's the latest we can leave it to avoid the rush.

Any suggestions for missing the q's at checkout on the last day?

I am trying to avoid car full of 4xDC's in a traffic jam - can you tell ;)

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learnermummy Wed 26-Aug-15 11:56:54

Queues are probably worst around 3 when they let the cars on site.
Can't see how they could check with the pool so you should be fine to park up and walk to the pool.
I think cars are allowed on site for the rest of the day/evening so you could leave it as long as you want.
As for last day, you can stay as long as you like as far as I know. I always send DH out early to get the car so we get a space near the lodge for packing up. Have fun, very jealous, love CP!

gingerdad Fri 28-Aug-15 16:56:00

We usually get there soon after 10 you can usually get your keys and use the pool / village area. Always find the pool quietest on a Friday/ Monday - we only tend to go in the pool now on these days. If you've got bikes you can explore or walk.

Usually have a coffee after swimming and a slow walk to the house. Then get the car later after the 3 o'clock rush. Do the same at the end get the car on and off early then enjoy the day. Usually leave after having tea.

Icantstopeatinglol Fri 28-Aug-15 16:59:25

I think as soon as you've got your wristbands you'll be able to go swimming. You need them to lock the lockers.

Marrou Sat 29-Aug-15 22:12:18

It's fine to arrive before 10.00 am. You just can't collect your keys straight away. It doesn't matter as you can't get in to your villa until 3.00pm. You just rock up and they key you in smile There is nothing to stop you swimming at 10.00, we always do. Have a lovely time, which one are you going to?

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