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Children go free on London do I get them through the barriers ?

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recall Wed 26-Aug-15 00:23:58

Just wondering how it works, I am planning to use conactless payment, and there are three of them, how do we get them through the barrier things ? confused

NickiFury Wed 26-Aug-15 00:26:54

They have larger gates for families, buggies, people with luggage etc, just head to that one. They're usually at the end of the row.

recall Wed 26-Aug-15 00:30:46

so i use my card - the gates open and we all go through together ? and do I have to scan my card again when we get off ?

recall Wed 26-Aug-15 00:31:46

Thanks Nickifury by the way star

wafflyversatile Wed 26-Aug-15 00:34:24

Yes, exactly that.

NickiFury Wed 26-Aug-15 00:44:50

Put your card on the oyster reader as you go through to get on the train. It's a yellow circle, can't miss it. Then again when you go through after leaving the train.

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