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Stratford Olympic Park - is it worth a visit?

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ukgirlatheart Mon 17-Aug-15 19:13:42

we have a day to kill this Friday and was thinking about going along for a look. Anyone been?

EeyoresTail Mon 17-Aug-15 19:17:55

beach east is on at the moment. Fairground rides, lots of sand of that's your kind of thing

CurvyInAllTheWrongPlaces Mon 17-Aug-15 19:20:18

Hi we live close to it. It's a good park with lots to do. Also there is a pop up beach there till the 31st of august. If you do go to the beach make sure you take cash as no cards are accepted.

cestlavielife Tue 18-Aug-15 14:38:14

yes well worth it...go to tumble bay playground for the kids, next to a cafe.

fountains near the orbit tower thing as you go in from the aquatic centre side .

go the other side of the stadium and hop on bridge across the canal to hip hackney canal side bars artists etc - fish island
As in Hackney Wick itself, the relatively affordable avail­ability of disused industrial premises has attracted a thriving community of artists and designers to Fish Island.

On Roach Road, The Counter is a charac­terful café within Stour Space, an exhibition, performance and studio space for the devel­opment of creative enterprises.

you will walk a lot.

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