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Where would you recommend for a pre-theatre Evening Meal local to Lion King?

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ukgirlatheart Mon 17-Aug-15 16:22:30

where would you recommend please around this area Covent Garden Im thinking - any food dont mind - us and 9 yr old DS. Want a nice 2-3 courses but reasonable

MalmseyWhine Mon 17-Aug-15 20:40:53

Joe Allens
Pasta Browns

Or there is a Pizza Express nearby

GoooRooo Mon 17-Aug-15 20:43:29

Cafe Pacifico

OldRoan Mon 17-Aug-15 20:50:24

Sophie's Steakhouse is on the next corner along. They do a great pre-theatre menu and amazing cocktails. The food can get pricey but pre-theatre is good value - £15 for 2 courses, I think.

Boulevard Brasserie is just up the road and that's nice too.

JoanCallamezzo Mon 17-Aug-15 20:58:17

Wahaca on the South Bank

happygirl87 Mon 17-Aug-15 21:14:28

Fire and Stone is fun for kids if you like pizza

ukgirlatheart Tue 18-Aug-15 09:28:45

Sophie's looks good and kids menu is ok as well. Love the look of Cafe Pacifico but DS wouldnt eat anything off this menu I dont think

FrancesOldhamKelseyRIP Tue 18-Aug-15 09:36:39

I still like Belgo. It's noisy but the kids options are good for a 9 year old, and the venue is quite exiting. I don't know whether they still do their pre-theatre meal deals though - those were great valuez

ukgirlatheart Tue 18-Aug-15 09:54:47

ooo forgot about Belgo - kids menu is great, cant see pre-theatre though.

Racers Tue 18-Aug-15 10:04:20

We went to Sophie's and it was a big hit with adults and children. Really nice.

ukgirlatheart Tue 18-Aug-15 10:09:02

Ive just printed off a voucher for 1 x free pre-theatre dinner so will do this I think as it's near the theatre as well.

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