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Very Last Minute (ie tomorrow!) Availability? in EAST DEVON (OR ANYWHERE REALLY!) from this weekend. I am an idiot. It's a long shot.

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chaoscanbehappy Wed 12-Aug-15 21:36:30

Begun packing last night for much anticipated (first in a long time) family holiday abroad. Kids have been asking about it every day for months.

Smug feeling as all 4 passports in exactly the place I thought they'd be.

Sinking feeling as I noticed my 6 year old's had expired last year.

Yet more sinking as google tells me you can't get a child's passport in under a week.

We're almost over it now, everything's been cancelled, turns out it's an expensive business being this disorganised, but bit of a first world problem to be too dramatic about the whole thing. Were meant to be going tomorrow (13th Aug) for a week

Good friends of ours are staying in east devon (postcode EX11 1UE) for the same week, but no availability at their place

Anyone know of any availability a last minute B&B or HOLIDAY COTTAGE near there so we could gate crash their trip (have checked, they don't mind) while our kids happily play together in the horizontal rain and we drink wine, therefore barely noticing that their incompetent parents did not make it to the sunshine as promised..

I know it's a massive long shot

Surely this level of last minute booking is a space in the market

Thank you

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