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Hen weekend, UK cottage recommendations

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Lucyfivealive Fri 31-Jul-15 12:43:59

Hi all,

I am organising a hen weekend in February next year. The bride-to-be would like to go away for one night to a cottage in the UK maximum 2 hours drive away from London. There will be 20 people. Can anyone recommend somewhere they have stayed fitting this description?


ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 31-Jul-15 12:49:03

No experiemce of the area but Iv hired a fair few self actering places and cottages in the North and Scotland and every singlw one is a 2, if not 3, night minimum over the weekend

Could you stretch to that (with people doing some or all of it)?

GirlsonFilm Fri 31-Jul-15 13:26:15

This is lovely (and a walk away from the station - direct line from London) we had 12 friends over three of the cottages, but getting one night will be a problem.

RayofFuckingSunshine Fri 31-Jul-15 13:28:48

It's extremely unlikely that you will find somewhere appropriate for one night, especially as you are limited when thinking about size required. Would a nice hotel do instead?

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