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Car holiday with kids (A song for you!)

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Justwaittilyourfathergetshome Tue 28-Jul-15 10:42:17

Hi All,
This is for anyone with kids planning to take a car journey this holiday season. As a parent of dd and ds I know that holidays involving a car journey can be both hilarious and horrible, often in equal measure. So, I wrote a song about it and I'd like to share it with you all as a way of giving back - this forum has been so helpful to me! I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it with other parents planning to embark on a car journey with the family! Incidentally, all the sounds in the track (other than my 'singing') are from our family bus - a VW Sharan (which has seen better days!) There are a couple of swears, but, quite possibly, nothing like the tirade of that which emanates from grumpy kids 150 miles into a journey to the West Country!

bestmunchkinsever Thu 30-Jul-15 09:25:56

brilliant grin. thank you for that smile

Justwaittilyourfathergetshome Thu 30-Jul-15 11:07:57

Great! Glad you enjoyed it. Happy holidays!

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