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Hotel or B&B in York for romantic kid free weekend

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Lucked Mon 13-Jul-15 21:13:19

Looking to book somewhere for our wedding anniversary. Anyone got any suggestions? Don't need to worry about cost.

Also a naice restaurant please.

ExConstance Thu 16-Jul-15 07:23:30

It was a long time ago but DH and I had a wonderful break at Middlethorpe hall, make sure you get a room in the old bit of the hotel.

kitkat1989 Thu 16-Jul-15 07:33:30

royal hotel york is lovely

there are loads of nice places, only place id say to avoid for romantic weekend is hampton by hilton, hotel itself is great but has a nightclub right outside th door!

kitkat1989 Thu 16-Jul-15 07:34:46

also restaurant wise there are loads! jamies italian is great, theres a gorgeous little place called the blue bicycle

Mizuna Mon 27-Jul-15 17:25:31

Apartment 1 Bootham. Absolutely gorgeous, had the best weekend there with DP grin

mandy214 Mon 27-Jul-15 19:10:47

The Blue Bicycle does rooms :-)

HermioneWeasley Mon 27-Jul-15 19:12:58

Disagree about the royal York. Cedar court is best for my money

msmorgan Fri 31-Jul-15 06:02:09

The Churchill Hotel, we've stayed in a couple of the luxury rooms and the bridal suite, all lovely and there's a good restaurant. It's on Bootham, a short walk from The Cathedral. Rustique is a nice restaurant.

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