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Anyone know Gweek in Cornwall?

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insanelycheerful Mon 06-Jul-15 14:06:32

Have found a lovely cottage available for the week we want this summer (really struggling with last minute booking during school hols!) but wondered if anyone knows Gweek and if it might be an ok base for a family with young children?

I know there is the seal sanctuary, a pub and a small shop. Is there a park at all? We will obviously go out and about on day trips but I wanted to know if it's a good place to stay in terms of heading out for short walks from the cottage, taking our boys to a park or place they can run about and let off steam etc!

londonlivvy Mon 06-Jul-15 14:15:48

Gweek is a very small village with a pub, crummy corner shop and a boatyard. Lots of footpaths/ walks from there, ending on muddy foreshores etc, or up onto the fields. I'm pretty sure there isn't a playpark. I think you'd end up always driving somewhere for the day. That said, there are some amazing places nearby like coverack, which has the best view from a playpark, ever. And mullion. And kynance cove. Goonhilly also interesting for older doc.

meglet Mon 06-Jul-15 14:20:46

Trebah gardens are up the road(ish). And Glendurgan (although we haven't been there). If you are organised you could book tickets for a morning show at the Minack Theatre down in Penzance for a longer day out.

londonlivvy Mon 06-Jul-15 14:46:39

The beaches on the Helford river are great. Helford passage is fa and Durgan. Gweek itself is limited. You may want to look at mawnan smith. Less scenic in itself but very close to lots of stuff and there's a playpark in the village (as well as pubs and a cafe and shops etc)

insanelycheerful Mon 06-Jul-15 19:09:43

Thanks all, v helpful. Seems it might not be the best option for us, which is a real shame as the cottage I found looks so nice and is amazingly available for that week. Will keep looking and keep it as a back up option I think.

mummymeister Tue 07-Jul-15 15:39:00

have a look at some of the last minute websites like to see what they have available. if its school summer hols then all that's likely to be left will be grotty places, really expensive places or places with a flaw. tbh. I know this area fairly well from holidays and think that it would be a good base for a holiday. not amazing but you don't have to live there so really if you like it at this late stage I would go for it.

insanelycheerful Wed 08-Jul-15 13:31:22

Rather annoyingly this was one of those cases of the website sowing availability for my week (but booked for others) then when I enquires they said it's not available! Never mind. Now looking at later dates when more options are available, such a palaver. Hate last minute holiday bookings but on the upside we may manage a late booking discount!

mummymeister Thu 09-Jul-15 09:53:49

there are very few last minute discounts on the ground in school summer holidays this year. in fact there's a lot less last minute around according to the tourist board website information. this is because of the Gove changes to holidays in term time. to be honest, I would really get on and book something as soon as you can and not hold out for a discount. my travel agent friend once told me a real truism "last minute deals are for the holidays no one else wants and you have to ask yourselves why that is"

insanelycheerful Fri 10-Jul-15 08:16:54

Thanks mummy. Not holding out for a discount at all, and last minute booking is by necessity due to DH's work, unavoidable this year really. I just thought we might be lucky and get a late booking discount that's all. Anyway, delighted to say we now have a week booked in our favourite place in Cornwall, a beautiful property in the best location, as we have changed to a later week in the holidays. And am currently looking into options for a few days away earlier in the holidays, potentially camping smile So v chuffed it has worked out overall (despite the stress along the way!) grin

PartyFops Fri 10-Jul-15 08:26:30

Insane, if you want to send me some details such as dates and budget I'll have a look if you like, I live in this area. It's a fab area, but some villages are remote.

insanelycheerful Fri 10-Jul-15 10:09:47

Party that is so kind of you to offer, thank yousmile we are now sorted for a week in Cornwall though I am really pleased to say (and in our favourite place too! There was just the last week in August available which works well for us now). Just thinking about a short break earlier in the hols if possible too, but think we will camp which makes finding somewhere slightly easier! Thanks again.

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