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Whitby Holiday - things to see and do

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CathFizz Sun 05-Jul-15 11:14:30

We have just booked a week self catering in Whitby in August. Can anyone please recommend great fun things to do whilst we are there? Which is the best chippy?(there seems to be lots). We have 2 DCs ages 3.8 and 9.
Thanks for your help

AliceMum09 Wed 08-Jul-15 09:53:12

Snap, we are going for a week in August too!

I had a week there last year too, not with DH but with a friend and her two boys. So we had 5 children between us. We were so lucky with the weather, when we got there I emptied every last thing out of my car and put the back seats up so we could all go out together in one car but in the end we didn't go anywhere!

Obviously there is the beach, and even if the weather is not brilliant it's a nice wide beach to go for a walk on. You can do crabbing too, and there is the abbey at the top of the hill (English Heritage I think).

We went on the steam train as far as Goathland, then walked a path called The Rail Trail. I took a backpack carrier for my youngest, who was two, but the two 5 year olds and the two 8 year olds managed fine. I guess that trip would depend how good at walking distances your younger one is. That was a really nice day out, we took a picnic to have half way along the walk.

Not sure about fish and chips, we went to the famous Magpie Cafe and it was good but I wasn't blown away by it!

Save up all your 2p pieces for the arcades! Our kids managed to get a few pieces of plastic tat prizes out of the 2p 'coin push' machines for a couple of £'s worth. I hate arcades, the noise drives me mad, but if it keeps the kids happy for half an hour I can cope with it (just!).

There are boat trips you can do too. Like I said, we spent a whole week in the town with 5 kids and they were not bored so it's a good place to go. Lots of Beacon Farm ice cream helped too though!

We're planning a couple of trips this time, we're going on 15th August but I'm sure we can't be lucky enough to have another completely dry week! There is stuff to do on the North York Moors, I think there is a forestry commission place, and you can also get to Scarborough, Staithes and Saltburn for a different seaside day. Scarborough has a Sealife Centre, but I would try and find vouchers as it's quite expensive.

Have a good holiday!

TheRealMaryMillington Wed 08-Jul-15 10:04:07

Oh I LOVE Whitby and we go most years at Easter

West Cliff beach is buckets and spadesy, East Cliff flats are great for rockpools, fossil hunting and we once spent a gorgeous afternoon searchign for old clay pipe stems - found hundreds

Lovely shops for pottering about

Robin Hood's Bay is lovely, and Boggle Hole is good for a swim and the YHA does nice tea and cake

Kippers from the smoke house

The Abbey of course

Goth and Mod spotting

Read Dracula

All the fish and chip shops at the bottom of the West Cliff are good, The Magpie doesn't have the edge any more. Take away to eat on the pier or at home

The boat trips from the harbour are fun

I'm feeling a bit envious.

ladymalfoy Wed 08-Jul-15 10:05:03

Fossil hunting on the beach below the church.
Walks to Robin Hood's Bay.
Crazy golf by the pavilion.
Ghost Walks and The Dracula Walk. These are fun and not scary.
See if they (Whitby) have a treasure hunt. You can find these online and it's a fun way to get to know the town.
There is also Scarborough which has a big beach and sea front.
Mad Hatters Tea shop up on the West Cliff.
Moutreys is a family friendly Italian in the old town. Very nice proper Italian .
Get the 9 year old to read Room 13 or The Whitby Witches.
Children's books but again he/she will recognise places in the town from the books.

CathFizz Thu 09-Jul-15 13:48:11

Wow thanks for all your replies. Fossil hunting sounds great, I think we'd all enjoy that. Thanks also for the book recommendations, I will definitely take Dracula with me to re-read, and look out for the ones for DS (he's not a keen reader though). Will probably go to Scarborough for the day although it looks a lot like our home town in North wales so was trying to avoid the arcades etc. Boat trips sound a bit scary with a no fear 3 year old. She's a great walker though so will loves the Rail trail and the steam trains.
Can't wait to go now.

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