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Urinary retention

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Lillian79 Sun 21-Jun-15 10:21:04

Hi all, I wanted to write this to give people hope that may be going through this nightmare that I also went through.

I had my beautiful little girl on 10 May 2015. Labour was quick but as she came down too fast I had to have a forcep delivery. Unfortunately during this delivery they ripped my cervix and I lost litre and half of blood and had to be stictched up that almost took two hours. I had a catheter put in for the forcep delivery. All seemed fine. I stayed in overnight and had my catheter removed the next morning and had to do wee trials. We are not told really why we do these and what the risks are if you can't wee or believe you are not weeing properly. I only dribbled out my 200 mils each time but thought that was okay as I had passed urine to the limit they request. I was discharged later that day.

That night at home I was experiencing severe pain in adomen and down below, I was so concerned I spoke to my Midwife about this the next morning when she visited and explained I was not weeing properly. She said this is normal because of all the trauma I went through and told me it is just a matter if retraining the bladder. I trusted her and put the pain as she explained down to the healing process of the delivery. All day I was in agony and could not sit on anything soft. The early hours of the next morning I was in excruiating pain and called an ambulance. Again as my obs were fine and I passed a bit of urine with them there with no blood they put the pain down to bruising and healing and advised stronger pain relief. I called my Midwife who told me to contact GP as get a prescription she did not come out to see me. GP called and agreed to do script and was concerned and advised if I was still in pain next morning to phone and she will come out to see me. She came out to see me and my belly was swollen and the tender and my uterus had moved back up. She called hospital and got me readmitted. They found my bladder had strectched and that was what was moving my uterus up. They catherise me and drained 3.9 litres of urine. That's right 3.9 litres. They also found I had 8cm of placenta left in me that I had to have a further op for to remove. I was admitted for 4 days catherised, scared witless that I had lost my bladder due to the volume of urine. I was a mess. I was discharged from hospital with a catheter. Leg bag during the day and big bag at night. I had a referral to a urine gynaecologist (amazing woman). She told me I had to have the catheter in for 3 weeks. 2 weeks with bag and one week withvalve during the day to retrain bladder. I had a trial on 3 June to see if I could wee. I did pass 350 mils but was still retaining over 300 so was advised to go home catherised again for 2 weeks. Valve during day and bag overnight. Again feeling so low and not being able to bond with my girl due to my depression, it was a horrible time! Had another trial on 17 June and passed 350 mils again, retaining only 250 mils. My specialist advised self catherisation 3 times a day. This was scarey the thought of catgetising myself was horrific but better than going home with an indwelling catheter so I had to do it. At least it will give me some normality. I have been home like this for 3 days and weeing lots. Today I only catherised 80 mils so things seem to be looking up. I wanted to write this to give people hope if they are going through this. The bladder can be retrained and you will get there although it feels like you never will sometimes. I'm here if anyone wants to talk. Nicki

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