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Relocating to South Devon - but where?

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Moondancing Thu 18-Jun-15 00:55:38

Hi my DH and I are looking to move to South devon. We have 2 DC (aged 3 & 5) and we are pulling our hair out in trying to find the best place to live with young children. We love Totnes, I've heard Exeter is lovely but never visited and Chagford has been named best place to live in 2015...but for children? I don't know. We currently live in a lovely village in cheshire, I do love the village feel and being part of a community so I'd like to keep that. But also a village which would consist of a lot of other young families. If you have any tips on where would be best to look in to I would be grateful! Thanks

ThatIsNachoCheese Thu 18-Jun-15 00:58:08

Ide near Exeter is a lovely small village and only 5 minute drive into town. I grew up there and had a wonderful childhood there.
I only know Exeter from your list and so would choose there wink, there are some lovely villages nearby and it would mean you are close to the city with the excellent shops and college.

Micepop Thu 18-Jun-15 10:14:34

Brilliant, I'll look into it, thank you Nachocheese ��

mary21 Thu 18-Jun-15 17:06:52

Where do you need to get to for work? South Devon is a big area. Look for good primary schools they will attract lots of young families. Some places like Dartmouth are quite self contained but if you need to get to Plymouth or Exeter daily it will take forever. Even going to Torquay in the summer takes an age with holiday traffic and ferry queues. Lots of lovely places to look at though

Micepop Thu 18-Jun-15 20:56:30

I'm qualified as a nurse and midwife. I currently work as a practice nurse, community staff nurse and midwife so work shouldn't be too hard to find anywhere really as I don't have to be based from a hospital. My DH will work from home to begin with and then just set up in a small office but will remain on the same wages he's on now which means I won't need to work to begin with until the kids are settled so really work wouldn't be an issue. I suppose the main thing for us are schools and I've heard a lot of good reviews on the schools in Totnes, ivybridge and Exeter. There are so many little villages in Exeter though it's hard to know which are nicest for family life.

spababe Thu 25-Jun-15 16:38:10

East Devon is great along the Otter Valley. Not the cheapest though! Lovely villages with great family life. Close to Exeter, train stations so you can get to London for occasional work (some people need this) Close to beaches and lovely common land for walks/bikes. AONB

I don't know much about the others except I think you would have to be a certain sort of person to fit in if you live in Totnes.

Some villages in Devon are closed communities as well and don't like incomers - ask around

Ferguson Thu 25-Jun-15 19:31:27

Some of the villages around Newton Abbot have good primary schools, and two secondary schools in the town, or grammar schools in Torquay and near Brixham. Newton Abbot has good train services to rest of the country, and trunk roads to M5, or towards Plymouth and Cornwall.

Chagford is a bit isolated, as are other villages near to, or on, Dartmoor; lovely for a holiday cottage, but perhaps less practicable to raise a family.

Loveleopardprint Sun 28-Jun-15 15:11:31

Thorverton about eight miles from Exeter is great. It has a lovely little village school, two pubs, post office and a mobile shop in a bus. Takes about 20 mins to drive into Exeter. Very picturesque and lots of community things going on.

therealsquireofwideacre Sun 28-Jun-15 15:13:37

Tavistock is a beautiful, friendly town, handy for Plymouth, Dartmoor and Cornwall.

colliewobbles83 Mon 29-Jun-15 09:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WildFlowersAttractBees Wed 01-Jul-15 01:15:27

As a fellow lover of Totnes I have to be honest in saying I couldn't have lived there. I did work there for a while.
It is a town where everyone knows everything about everyone. Locals are rather judgemental of those who shop outwith the local (overpriced) shops... preferably using the Totnes Pound!
Jam packed with tourists on sunny days. It has a small morrisons but you need to go to Newton Abbot or the large Tesco at Plympton for a 'big' shop. Hard roads to drive at night to nearest hospitals. Oversubscribed schools too.

Exeter is lovely, Topsham is gorgeous.

UniS Sat 11-Jul-15 23:16:25

Chagford is fine if you have plenty of money and enough cars and drivers to get the family to things they wish to do that are not swimming ( summer only) cricket ( summer only) or lawn bowls. The primary school is well regarded, most kids then go to Okehampton for secondary ( by school bus) so their social centre shifts 8 miles west with the attendant toing and froing that brings ( unless they are very keen on cricket, at which point their friends all come to chagford.)

With any of the Devon villages, what you put in is what you get out. Hide at home and ignore other people and they will ignore you, get stuck in , help out with village events , join village societies and you will have a social life.

dani002 Sat 11-Jul-15 23:21:34

You're spoilt for choice for nice villages around South Devon. Best off taking long weekend to explore for yourself really.

swampytiggaa Sat 11-Jul-15 23:33:13

We randomly moved to Devon five years ago with four children. We have gone north tho - near westward ho! (only town in UK with an ! in the name smile)

I didn't fancy a tiny village - thought it would be too much of a culture shock after south Birmingham which is why we settled in Bideford. Town has a choice of schools including a secondary school and private school. Has lots of activities locally for the kids. Most of their friends live locally so they can socialise out of school with minimum parental input.

I love it. Friendly people - fair number of incomers who are all made very welcome. Sea is a short distance away - walkable actually. Best move we ever made. Would never move back to the Midlands.

Actually if I were you I would decide your priorities. Ours was the kids having an independent social life asap as we didn't want to be a taxi service for ever. That pretty much decided us on a small town.

Good luck!

yummumto3girls Sun 12-Jul-15 17:01:20

You need to be more specific about what you want, countryside or beach, city, town or village? Totnes is unique and hippyish, Exeter a lovely city but traffic a nightmare, Chagford in the middle of nowhere! What sort of hobbies do you all have/ like doing?!we are a beach family, love being near the sea. Look at Exmouth, Dawlish, Teignmouth, all by sea but easy commute to Exeter for jobs.

Wotsitsareafterme Sun 12-Jul-15 17:29:47

Totnes....where to begin! It's like sky and has amazing independent shops but it's an odd community. Have a look at ash burton and buckfastleigh. Pretty and classy but more chilled out. I would avoid Torbay completely the traffic is poo.
Look at kingsbridge - close to Plymouth, utterly gorgeous and excellent schools.

Ivy bridge is ok - the secondary school there is enormous though well thought of.

Teignmouth is my favourite place in Devon I think it's got everything, seaside, nice shops and even a waitrose!, close to Exeter and Newton abbot for other stuff but quite cultural and community minded it's fab.

I'm quite fond of Newton abbot but I only see the murky side (SW) I'm not sure I would live there but there are incredible satellite village close to it straight out of period dramas grin

BrieAndChilli Sun 12-Jul-15 17:44:58

I grew up in and around ivybridge. Nice leisure centre, good schools, lots of different activities, beaches are not far away, Plymouth not far away for big shops and concerts and stuff, Dartmoor and countryside on your doorstep. Easy access to A38.

I went to board in school in Bideford and dh grew up in ilfracombe and MIl still lives there. It's lovely in the summer but everything shits down in the winter so South Devon is better all round. Exeter is a much nicer city than Plymouth though although still not too far from ivybridge to go for a day shopping. Lots of lovely villages around ivybridge it you'd prefer a tiny village.

crocoonimper Sun 26-Jul-15 10:25:50

Hi we live in Ivybridge - although not a small village it has a real community feel, we can walk on to Dartmoor in 10 minutes from our house, we can walk in to a fantastic wooded area along a river in 5 mins ( we have a Springer puppy and 3 kids lol ) . We surf, kayak, SUP etc and its 25 mins to Bantham beach which provides all of this. There are plenty of closer beaches with calmer waters also. So if you are looking for an outdoor lifestyle it's perfect. 20 mins to Plymouth, 35 to Exeter. The School here is Ivybridge Community College - yes it's huge but the facilities and opportunities are amazing, good Ofsted and great feeder primaries.
The town centre is a bit tired but there is a new development planned of the old paper Mill which if it comes off will be amazing ( all listed buildings so planning taking an age). There are 5 pubs in the town all of which need a kick up the backside but again there's potential there.

Kez100 Sun 26-Jul-15 11:17:38

If you settle within sensible distance of Plymouth there are then grammar schools available at secondary age following successful application - if you are interested in that sort of facility .

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